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It's a good thing I started buffing the column up with external links.  This appears to have been the guild's slowest news week in quite some time.  Let's blame it on the holidays.

Acebloke is aiming for seven updates to seven games before the end of the year.  His Spore-inspired Dreamland has been shifting to an isometric perspective.  Screenshots and descriptions of the steps he takes to generate the universe have been posted.

I keep focusing on the project's earlier "Spore-inspired" description rather than the phrase "graphical MUD" that is right on the hub page.  I think I'm in denial.

Geldonyetich has been making progress and doling out what he has learned.  He has also decided on the direction of his project.  It's a roguelike...  A roguelike?!  Fifty-three columns of Tech Tree and it's a roguelike?!  *GASP*  *SPIT*  *SPUTTER*

Flick, where are you?

I had planned to release an update to my procedurally generated rhythm action game, Fused Finale.  Subscribers to that game (or Fooldom Come) will be able to start from any level they have entered and view their high scores in each.  Little fixes include things like a redesigned fourth map that removes turns which were too close to the scanners.  I also decreased the rate at which song duration increases so it doesn't feel as dragged-out and boring.

Unfortunately, I ran into a simple bug that I didn't have time to fix this week.  The new version should be uploaded before Christmas.

...FRELLING A!  You mean I didn't work on a strategy game this week either?!

Fooldom Come: One subscription. Many games.

I give. Play me out, Branks. I've been sitting on this for a while and I haven't decided if there will be a Tech Tree next week. Happy holidays, everyone! =)

Got news? I didn't have to edit the Gamasutra URL this time. Nifty!

I love the 'The Humble Indie Bundle #2' and their success is going to change a lot of peoples minds about what it means to be free. I didn't buy the package yet either. I'm sort of just massaging the whole idea that I can spend 1$ to get all those games but if I do, I'm a jerk. Guilt Laden Model (GLM). Love it.