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Hey, I'm having a tough problem with byond, whenever I try to open the byond.exe, the pager never shows up, can I get help here?
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Hi SuperSaiyan4Sonic,

Did you install BYOND using the installer? If you did, check to make sure that you don't have a firewall blocking or restricting BYOND.exe, dreamseeker.exe, or dreamdaemon.exe.

If your using BYOND from the .zip file, check to make sure that the file is unzipped and in its own directory.

Good luck!
I've made sure about all of those, but byond still won't open.
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Alright, then we may need more information to help you with this problem.

1)What version of Windows are you using?

2)What version of BYOND are you using?

3)After attempting to open BYOND.exe, does BYOND.exe show up in the task manager?

4)Have you been able to use the BYOND pager successfully in the past? If so, when did this problem begin occurring, and were there any significant changes to your computer that you can recall made around this time?
1. I'm using Windows 7 Home Premium (and as a VAIO computer just to add more info)

2. I'm using v.498.1158

3. byond.exe shows up in the processes tab, but not in the applications tab.

4. I've been able to use it on my other comp that is currently being fixed, and I can't figure out what's causing the problem.
Can you try temporarily disabling User Account Control (Windows 7's security center) to see if you can launch BYOND? Instructions to disable User Account Control can be found here.

If disabling UAC has the same results, can you try restarting your computer into safe mode and see if BYOND.exe will run from safe mode? (The BYOND pager may not run properly in safe mode)
I seem to have been able to get the pager to open in safe mode but I still can't seem to get it to open when I'm not in safe mode. What do I do now?
This likely means that another program running on your computer is conflicting with BYOND.exe. The only really way to identify which program may be conflicting is by guess and check.

First, start by closing the programs active in the system tray. If the issue still occurs, try ending process from the task manager, avoiding explorer.exe, SYSTEM, or services(svc). If you accidentally end a process that your computer requires to run, restarting your computer will fix the problem.

Good luck!
I've ended other processes/programs that I thought would be interfering. It didn't seem to help my problem at all.
This method may work better, although may be more tedious:

First, download and install CCleaner, which is a program that can be used to stop programs from running at startup, among other tasks. Once CCleaner is installed and running > Tools > Startup > Set each item in the list to disabled > Restart your computer. > Try to run BYOND.exe.

If BYOND.exe starts up, then begin enabling programs from CCleaner, one by one and restarting your computer each time, until BYOND.exe no longer starts up, then you will know which process is conflicting with BYOND.exe.

if BYOND.exe doesn't start up, renable all process from CCleaner and restart your computer. Then try running an anti-virus and malware scan and see if it detects any viruses .

Good luck!