The Gift Me Games Deal is still in effect for Fooldom Come. At least four games from my Steam wishlist are on sale for especially low prices today. I've been buying some of the games myself before the deals disappear, but you can save me from temptation and get a lifetime Fooldom Come subscription in return.

$2.50 Archon
$2.50 Greed Corp
$2.50 Swords and Soldiers HD
$4.00 Plants vs. Zombies GOTY Edition

There's also the Indie Fantasy pack that comes with Spectromancer and NyxQuest: Kindred Spirits. Each game on my wishlist earns a subscription. I've been curious about Faerie Solitaire as well so I don't mind throwing another in for the bundle.

Remember to send the BYOND key(s) that you want the subscription(s) given to!

That makes $10, plus tax, Steam got out of me today. Still, I hope you enjoy Archon. ;)
Your lifetime subscription has been added. Thank you! =)
Ironically I just bought Swords and Soldiers yesterday full price the day before it went on sale, and Super Meat Boy the day before that... hehe
@C Dawg S: Yeah, it seems that's been happening to quite a few people and they're not all happy about it. Granted, I'm picking some of that up secondhand from podcasts.
Pretty sure there is a game just like Spectromancer on facebook.
Look up Warstorm on FB.
@Vermolius: I played Warstorm (and Planetstorm) before it entered Facebook. Other than placing cards in a line, they aren't they same. Warstorm focuses on designing decks with cards bought/randomly won and then automates the game with random card drawing. Spectromancer lets you actually make tactical decisions.
If I give you the money via the BYOND wallet, does that count?
@IainPeregrine: I'm tempted to let you do it. However, I'm hesitant to make that offer to the general public because the promotion involves scarcity and racing. Once a game is bought, its price point could be lost. Cross-referencing and making refunds would be neither fun nor fair.