I got upset at myself for buying Grand Theft Auto IV: Complete Edition this morning so I'm likely holding off on today's deals. However, there are some cheap games if you're looking to get a lifetime Fooldom Come subscription from The Gift Me Games Deal... I'm trying not to be spammy with this, but I'm going to go out on a limb and say that my Steam wishlist isn't important enough to be tracked. ;)

$2.50 $4.99 Guardians of Graxia 1 subscription
$2.50 Ceville 1 subscription
$4.99 Indie Fantasy Pack 3 subscriptions (Spectromancer, NyxQuest, +1)
$4.99 Indie Adventure Pack 2 subscriptions (Mr. Robot + 1)

The packs each include a game that I'm semi-interested in that's not on my wishlist so I've added a subscription for each bundle. I'll likely buy at least the Fantasy pack by January 2nd.

Again, remember to send the BYOND key(s) that you want the subscription(s) given to! Also, those of you who have bought me multiple games should feel free to request the extra subscriptions. =)

Guardians of Graxia is up to $4.99, but a new game is available. This is the final day of Steam's holiday sale.

$2.99 Grotesque Tactics: Evil Heroes 1 subscription