Fused Finale

by ACWraith
Fused Finale
Guide travellers to the warp gate with procedurally generated rhythm.
Keywords: fusedfinale, video
I've been wanting to create a video for my procedurally generated rhythm action game, Fused Finale, for a long time. Unfortunately, this is all I have for now.

The 854x480 skin was supposed to make 480p YouTube videos easy to create. However, the screen capture software I've been using only creates WMV files and I don't seem to have anything that can edit them without changing the resolution. I'll have to find another program or choose another resolution for my single player projects.

It's too bad because I had what I thought made a decent trailer. Instead, I'm left with one long Let's Play video. I don't think it's a very interesting game to watch as there's no drama when things go well. I had to struggle to suck by the end and the halfhearted effort still didn't let me finish with a game over screen. =(

...Meanwhile, this video makes me wonder if I should make the hybrid instruments less likely. The lack of a melody strains some people's ears as it is without random voices coming in.