Kessen! Shinobi Jidai!

by Roxas
Kessen! Shinobi Jidai!
A game loosely based on the Naruto! Universe. Coded From Scratch.
A game based on an alternate universe of the NARUTO! Manga/Anime. This game is hand coded by the NingenRox! Team.

DO NOT MAXIMIZE THE WINDOW, or else you wont see the interface.

Roleplaying is encouraged to give this game a more life-like feeling, but it is not required.

We are currently taking application for Kage positions, please check the forums if you're interested.

Current Version: .01
Next Update: Scheduled for january 1st.
Adding: Inuzuka's key aspect, genin exam,possibly chuunin exam, fixing alot of bugs, adding some things to the map.

Server Rules:
1.The NingenRox!Team is awesome!
2.No spamming
3.No harassment
4. No advertising other games(saying "I'm not advertising" beforehand does not save you)
5.Keep it rated PG-13 in all public forms of chat and links(no youtube links please)
6. No bug abuse.
7. No begging period.
8. No Racism.
9. Keep suggestions to a minimum unless asked.
10. Have fun!
11. The NingenRox! Team does not have to explain itself to you for any punished dealt, so please don't ask them too.

Failure to follow these rules can result in but is not limited to: Reduction of Money, Removal of an earned position or Item,being kicked, being banned, having your save deleted.
When will it be hosted?
Yes, I would like to see this game out as well