After going through the search listings e.t.c; i was thinking if we could have an option to tailor the search(es) to our own preferences?

There a few games that are always "featured" which some people have already seen but ultimately dont want to play.

Not a bad idea. We'll give it some thought.
SilkWizard wrote:
If it's easy enough, it'd be nice to have the option to switch over to the new CSS. Perhaps something like they do on Facebook with a button to permanently convert your page to the new version.

Not a bad idea. I've been thinking along similar lines myself. The trick is coming up with a good way to mark that, but I have some ideas.

One thing that I haven't seen anyone talk about: the placement of the advertisements for non-members is much, much better. They integrate well with the site and look pretty slick.

Whatever minor design issues people may be pointing out, overall I'd expect that for new users the site looks very legit and is much easier to navigate.
Yeah, I expect we'll lose ad revenue for the less obtrusive hub ad, but as long as it isn't painfully draining, I can live with it. I think the site does look a lot more professional now.
Yes. I didn't like a lot the Blue skin. :/
How often do you guys check hubs cause i submited mine 2 days ago and its still pending >.>
The approval process will take longer in the first few weeks, as we work out a policy and refine the tools we use. Eventually we would like to have a turnaround of < 1 day.
Alright thankyou :)
Looks great. This help alot. Congratulations BYOND and co. [:
I just noticed the "Oldest First" comment setting. Works awesome, much appreciated.
Not sure if this was intended, Tom, but I cannot seem to find the acronym of BYOND anywhere on the site, officially.

Of course, I know what it stands for, but newer people might not. Was wondering if it is in some obvious spot I'm overlooking, or if it was truly just faded out.
Whoops.. that wasn't the intent. We should put it on the Start/Learn-more page at least.
Yeah; I'm supposing us oldbies probably would never have really noticed that had one of us not directly been looking for it. :P
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