I made a 3d horror game over the past week inspired by Slender and SCP Containment Breach, except with better graphics than both of them.

Here is a download link download.php?f=2df810681ed95604ddb3e3ec5b5b9e7e

Can't wait to see any comments =P

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Can we see some gameplay before downloading it? maybe a summary on the plot of the game, what do we basically do in it? seems like a nice game you made in the past week.
Well, the plot, if you wanna call it that, is a shipwrecked cruise ship forces a millionaire to swim to an island where an abandoned nuclear facility is, and he has to find a telephone so he can call for help.

The plot is just a joke really. The game is gonna be a comedy/horror hybrid.

I can't make a video of it because my computer is terrible and I only get 30 frames per second without recording.

If I do record I only get 6 frames per second.

My computer was good...In 2004 lol

What you do in the game is try not to get killed. Which is impossible right now =P
If you played one Slender game, you've played them all. Nothing really fun about it.
If you liked Slender then you should give the STALKER series a try.
hmm... looks promissing
I bought STALKER: Shadows of Chernobyl the day it came out in open beta. It was borderline unplayable Haven't much played since... Should rectify that.
What program was the screenshots above made with?