Rave Master Revolutions

by Battlekore
Rave Master Revolutions
Rave Master like you've never seen it before. Demon Card or Rave, which will you fight for?
This game has been under construction for awhile, and has just re-established it's work to give this experience to you.

Our Staff:
Akuma(XxShadow23xX) - Coder
Kore(Battlekore) - Pixel Artist, Mapper


The 3 basic classes as of now are Human, Dragon, and Mildean. Each possess different abilities and traits. A wide world to travel and a friendly staff for friendly players.

-=-=-=-=Keep In Mind!=-=-=-=-
1. We are in the early stages of the game, it may very well be weak, bugged, etc. etc.
2. Staff members are people too, please try to let them have peace of mind, try not to bug us with stuff you most likely can do yourself.
3. If you think of something you might like to see in the game, don't hesitate to notify us, that also includes bugs, if you find them, please contact us.
Thank you! BOUT TIME
About time for what?
Yes, we are diligently working on the game to get it out there. It may play a lot like games already made because that's what the audience is used to... But we can slowly change that as time goes by, right now, we just want to get RMR into a playable state to build a player base.
I'm very excited to find this. I'm a massive fan of Rave Master. Yay! xD. Can't wait
Oooow I Cant Wait To Play This....If Yoiu Guys Need A 24/7 Host I'm Here I Dont Sleep Much..And Odv.I Can Host...
Bout time they brought this game back
it a about time this gonna be fun
i really want to play a game like this
oi do you need a host talk to me key bleach78