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Teka, you're just a cool person. I would like to be your friend, but to me you're like one of those popular guys on BYOND, who doesn't have time for friends. I'm not saying your like that, but most popular people on BYOND are . I mean I'm friends with some others but we barely talk anymore, and you seem like a cool person.
Teka, you're definitely a badass person, and probably the biggest influence in BYOND gaming. I am glad that it is still up, and it's probably because of you man. Nice job! And most of thank you!
Heya Teka. Dropping by to thank you for your support and donations to the Resource Center. You made a lot of happy contributors, that's for sure.

As for your donation, I'm still working out how to handle it since this is the first one I've had. I'll keep you posted on what I decide. The idea I mentioned to you requires a little coding so I I have to work on that. Thanks again!
Thank you very much for helping me get the membership back, your premium pick Pokemon is still valid once the game goes up.
Your a Good Spud. =D
Just stoppin by to say wuzz gud

-Byonds gangsta
Only now have I realised Teka, you share the same name as my dad!
teka ur one best benefactor
teka ur one of the best prostitutes.
Thank you for the gift membership sorry for the incredibly late reply my laptop hasnt been working well but all the same thanks so much =D
was trying to play the new dirge of chaos and it spams a none has entered the world and makes my game crash
Yo Teka!
Hey Teka, just thought I'd leave this for when your next online. How have you been? I haven't really seen you around at all.
I think he died?
Where is Tim... :/ I'm getting worried that something happened to him.. .-.
Wake up Teka.
I hope he is still here.
(Not that I think he is Dead, that would be rude)
I'm still breathing :)
Obviously my assassain's haven't worked their magic yet...
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