Shinobi Chronicles

by Iocamus
Shinobi Chronicles
A game based on the old style of a ninja.

A newly formed game with loads of content to come, it is -based- on Naruto.

The game is set into 3 villages:
Konohagakure no sato: The village hidden in the leafs, a vastly populated city.

Sunagakure no sato: The village hidden in the sand, a village with highly advanced military supplys.

Kirigakure no sato: The village hidden in the mist, a village with by far the largest military.
I see you got a membership ;)
Why so laggy lately Ioca
Man I feel like playing this rip
L.o.l to bad Ioca is pure lazy and has a bad rep.
To bad ;)
Why is the game not online?
put th game up
Why has the game been down for days? :/ if it's a hosting problem, let me do it, cuz i just wanna play
The host and one of the owner's decided they were done, not much I can do.
see if you can get the host to give me the files :|
Hi, folks.