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I just submitted the first post of my new column. I don't run the blog that it's posted on. I've requested that it be made available on Fridays as that lets me continue writing on Thursdays while giving others time to review. Developers should still expect that anything posted after a random point on Thursday evenings will have to be saved for the following week.
What? I left weeks with nothing, gave up Thursdays and pointed out how my column will be a bit out of date. The competition should rejoice! =)
Nah we were thinking of posting tonight or something, so we're trying to figure out when you'll be posting.
*Snicker* Yup. Gonna make me look old already. ;)
ACWraith wrote:
*Snicker* Yup. Gonna make me look old already. ;)

I have the weirdest feeling you're really just messing with us >_>
Sounds great, ACWraith. I am looking forward to the new column.
@EnigmaticGallivanter: I'm hopeful that people will read my column, but I'm generally not cruel. =)
I'm hoping to chat with you about this, AC, if you don't mind. I have no way to properly get a hold of you, though.
@Fugsnarf: You could have messaged my Facebook account. I usually only sign in when there's content for the BYOND page, but the messages get forwarded to my email.

If you're looking for a regular day to post, I'd just prefer anything other than Friday so I can put both columns on the Facebook page in a timely manner. I'd also suggest a weekday as those are the only times I add links and Mondays could likely end up with a staff announcement or featured game update from the weekend.

That said, if you don't care how timely the link is, I can just add you at the next opportunity. It's not like there isn't plenty of space at the moment. Frell, this week is going to end with one measly link. Perhaps I should have posted v1.34 of NEStalgia. =(