by Oasiscircle
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BYOND Version:498
Operating System:Windows 8
Web Browser:Chrome 25.0.1337.0
Applies to:Dream Seeker
Status: Open

Issue hasn't been assigned a status value.
I was playing Myriad and ended up dying against an enemy. I had one life and my HP depleted to a perfect 0. After getting my score, the game simply stayed at the score window and did not restart to my 0th life.

I checked to see if there was a runtime error, and there was. The problem is that this runtime error happened in my last game before reconnecting! I'll list out what it says just for reference. It's likely unrelated to the issue.

runtime error: Cannot read null.hp
proc name: combat (/proc/combat)
usr: Fugsnarf (/mob)
src: null
call stack:
Fugsnarf (/mob): Move(the turf (4,8,1) (/turf), 1)
runtime error: Cannot read null.features
proc name: Move (/mob/Move)
usr: Fugsnarf (/mob)
src: Fugsnarf (/mob)
call stack:
Fugsnarf (/mob): Move(the turf (4,8,1) (/turf), 1)

I can't explain the runtime error since it happened on my previous playthrough and I did not notice any issues. But, there you go if you can try to diagnose it! The game stopping at the score screen seems unexplainable to me. I can give you my stats and situation though:
I had no items
I died with 0 hp
1 bomb
First floor
Score of 195
Explore bonus of 39 x5

Hope something I gave you helps! If not, I've never encountered this before so I'll keep my eye out.
I'm actually getting that runtime error a lot now. You can probably get it easily in a playthrough or two. Still haven't replicated the game not going to my 0th life properly.
Nevermind. The problem returned where it wouldn't restart with my last life. I got pretty far too! I can still equip and unequip stuff; I can't use the bombs though... It just sits at the score window.

There has to be some connection with dying at a perfect 0 hp. Both times this has happened, I died at 0 hp instead of negative hp.

I also got no runtime errors this entire playthrough, just this bug when I died.