Bleach Unlimited

by Enigma11
Hi my ingame name is zorro
i currently can't get on to the game
when i click load it say's "bad save. contact administration to resolve this issue"
please help
It says the game is live, but I am unable to join it keeps saying 'failed'. If it helps, my in game name is Uriel.
this game have a horrible graphics , change the pixel artist.
Heitorliberado wrote:
this game have a horrible graphics , change the pixel artist.

worked 5 hours last night to get my shini up, had SH,Rei, and stamina to 1k each, and had SP at 800. was power shini just like i wanted. woke up this morning and my file was wiped..can anyone help me get it back?
Hey, it's me, Zero! I've got a question to ask: Can you somehow add Garganta for Arrancar and Senkaimon for Shinigami onto the game?

Also please finally remove the reflect bug.

if this game had graphics for shikais and more events it could really get up there
not my fault you get deleted from afk-training. punishment = wipe. easy as that, if you get a bad save the admins will likely just lvl you back up.
"Don't EZ Train, AFK Train, Or Train Unattentively. If you are training using any other method than your finger on a key, then it's illegal." ooh! So that's why nobody plays bleach games... :O
Can someone let me know if people are still playing this? I log on every so often and don't see people on. I mean I don't mind hosting but if there isn't anyone playing then there really isn't a point. Let me know, thanks.
I play and I have a friend named Dark-Aisu that does.
yeah there are mostly around 6 people on wich isnt much , but dont forget its holiday time. a lot of people are on vakation or so. basically during holidays the playerbase shrinks a lot. seen it happen a lot ^^ Im guessing next week the playerbase will go back up again
Hey Guys, there is an old school DBZ game completely polished, original game play and graphics, fresh wipe just started. Check it out if your interested. byond://
I just need to know What are the level for hollow
why is the game so slow? i can only walk one space like every 5 seconds.
I was wondering if we can find a new host. My old desktop is currently being used as the host computer. It has been left on for months now and I am not to sure how much longer it can last. I'm assuming the lag is due to the computer being old and was left on too long. We were not lagging earlier when I first started hosting and my connection is actually better than before. Also, I log on every so often and max I have seen was like 5 players. Hope one of the admins can respond.
hey Im fine with getting a new host/new host computer. Im pretty sure enigma is too. finding a 24/7 host is hard enough as it is, but finding a GOOD 24/7 host is really really hard. the lag is indeed caused by an old computer, and partly due to your internet. I wish we had more players too but to do that we would need to update. and the main problem about that is that I cant code !!! enigma is extremely busy lately (and a little bit lazy too) and I believe roxas is without a computer atm. there have been a massive amount of icons done but no coder to implement them. and I think actual new icons would rank up the playerbase quite a bit up again. not to mention if the playerbase rises everyone will have more fun and stay longer too.
I could always put it up on my dedicated server, I also have the time to actually update now. The problem is, I cannot guarantee an update schedule as my work and personal schedules are extremely hectic. Regardless though, I have a dedicated server (which is currently hosting the Main Server for 'Dead World' and I do not mind hosting the game for everyone. Lilpanda, if you don't mind, would you zip up the save/host files and send them to me? Shoot me a pager message please if you need my email again.
If kenshin/enigma agree with it then I don't see why not. I'll check again for posts again sometime soon. My school schedule is making it hard for me to have time for anything.
you cant do anything wrong with host files soo.... I guess Im ok with that. dont forget all the save-files too. no-one wants to start from scratch (again)
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