Dreamland Universe

by Acebloke
Create an Entire Universe
From the second demo test onwards, anyone who donates have the chance, if they so wish for advanced access. Right now that means being able to play through the entire Start game and what little exists so far of the Mid game.

Demo for everyone else includes only the option to view creations (Universe model supplied in folder), until more content can be provided.


My super-secret-project for several months now, Dreamland began as an idea as a Graphical Multi-User-Dungeon. You'd create your races (Humans, Dwarfs, Elves), the land and seas they live and travel on, the settlements they sleep in, and then play in it.

Then I thought, why stop there? Why not create the planet, evolve those races, build those settlements, heck, even build the mountains and oceans.

Then I thought (dumbly) why stop there? Why not create an entire Solar system, or a local cluster, a galaxy, a Universe?

So now I have a game that creates a Universe, builds stars, builds planets, and THEN starts on Life. If it gets into a fit state, I might even release it.
Is this like... BYOND's take on Spore? But backwards?
be nice if you didn't have to be a member
"Is this like... BYOND's take on Spore? But backwards?"

I suppose, its not really intended to be a Spore clone, but it looks hell of a lot like one I suppose!

Development wise, I'm up to the "Cell" stage I suppose you could say, if comparing to Spore. I'm still developing a bit of pre-life side of stars, galaxies and planets.
"be nice if you didn't have to be a member"

I'm only asking a donation for advanced access to the actual gameplay. It will be 100% free to play once developed to the full. The other reason why its not open to the general public is it still contains a lot of debugging messages and isn't very clean code/interface wise :p
it would be good if you dint had to subscribe
i was like,wow i think this is awesome im gonna spend all night playing it but then you put that ******
Please read the below comments :/

It'll be free to play when it actually has gameplay content and not just debug messages and goes further than planet creation.
I understand and I'm not one of those people who complain much but since I can't afford to donate at the moment I will just wait for now. Good job so far, I look forward to the public version.

When will the public version be released?
Where can I Subscribe to dreamland universe?
Hi there. I only ask for a donation (a button is available at the top of this topic or on the front hub page) at the moment.

The download version is an old, but stable version. I'm working on a BYOND 5.0 version in my spare time but will be awhile before it 'replaces' this one. There might be a flat fee when that happens too (anyone who has or will donate before then won't have to pay again).

Thanks for your interest.
Ok, thanks. I will see if I can donate.