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This post might be a little gross for some so turn back now if that bothers you.

I figured I'd post a picture sheet for the curious.
  • The top-left picture is the camera inside of me.
  • The top-right picture is of a healthy liver and gall bladder.
  • The bottom-left picture is of my own liver and gall bladder. Yuck. I guess the latter really did have to come out. That's comforting, I guess.

Hopefully, I'm okay. There's a little drainage, but it appears manageable. My throat is dry from the tubes they inserted and there's a bit of pain when I stand. Overall, it doesn't seem too bad with the cloth-covered reusable ice bag and oxycodone/acetaminophen they gave me.

Most of my pain seems to be on my left rather than my right. I'm wondering if it has to do with the stone attack I had earlier this week. It probably didn't help my hydration levels either. I think half the time I spent in the hospital was because they wanted me to urinate first. They gave up, sent me home and told me to enter the ER if I didn't go by 4AM.

... BTW, Nobody took this sick man up on The Gift Me Games Deal today? Tsk, tsk. Granted, I suppose buying for a possible dead man, coma patient or stroke survivor might not have been a wise investment. You still have time before Wednesday. Which is my birthday. Layer that guilt. ;)
Oh man, I always get freaked out about the thought of having to get surgery (even though I never have and currently don't need to) so I admire you for taking this so well. I hope you get better, dude!
Hope to hell you get better. Can't look though. Too chicken. :)
@Tsfreaks: Nah, it's too hamburger. Or maybe too pork considering the genetic similarities. ;)
Glad to hear the surgery went okay! Are the doctors hopeful this'll be the end of your health troubles? Got my fingers crossed for you :)
Cook it!
That'll go well in a stew.
dats 1 sexa zombie
@DinoObama: Thank you. My beard has been getting prematurely white on its own. Perhaps I should stop plucking my unibrow as well, but I think I'd like to keep my teeth.

@DarkCampainger: The surgeon thought it was necessary no matter what and seemed to be pretty sure that it was the cause. I'm thinking that I might still have a few stones left over as the nurse said they didn't remove any. I'm still feeling pain under my ribs on the left of my abdomen, but I'm hoping it's for the last time as there's nothing to make the stones anymore.