Ninja Team

by F0lak
Become a member of an elite team of ninja in this addictive ninjatastic adventure!
Real Life Intervenes
These past two weeks have been amazing. From helping a few people with their projects, to playing Minecraft with a few friends. But, sadly that has to come to an end. With school starting again on Tuesday, court on the 11th, two birthday's in the next two weeks, and Valentine's Day on the horizon, I have to get back to real life. Indeed, I wish I could be around here all day, every day, and not have a life, but sadly, life isn't fair. I'll still be around, just not enough.

My apologies especially to DivineTraveller and Pmitch, who my coming inactivity will be affecting the most.

The Players Win
Since I wont be around quite as much as I'd like to be, I'm going to spend some of the time I will have updating a game of mine. I'd like to let everyone know that I will be revisiting Ninja Team; My Game in a Day 2010 entry. I will be updating it to include a random dungeon generator, more types of enemies, improvements upon the current game engine, and more! This means that the players will have more fun playing the game, and that's really what it's all about.

Expect to hear more about Ninja Team in the next few weeks here, as I have yet to get settled in to my old daily routines again.

Happy Gaming!
I've played that game. It's pwn for a 24 hour make. Congrats! You earned that win.
I actually didn't win. I placed second, tied with glorified Chess.

D4RK3 won with his goldbeard game. I played that. T'was fun.
Quick suggestion for Ninja Team since you seem like your going to update it.

Colored chat based on which ninja ye are. Not too important, but hey, useful.
Already done that.
Ninja Team is definitely a fun game.~
I appreciate your work on Ninja Team. Me and a couple of friends had enjoyed the game very much. No doubt you already got going with lots of improvements for it on the next update and await patiently what you have to offer.

May I suggest something because I'm running this game in a paid hosting and want to know you could add something that identifies the host when they log on encase there's a need for a force reboot.

*ponders* is it possible for this game to have multiple channels if a server is capable of handling maps and shuffling players in zones and such? It's far-fetched because if one team of ninjas loses within a game channel a lag spike would be present when their map regenerates which effects the rest on the server....unless it just resets the map by re-hiding the traps and erasing and placing the ninjas back in their 'area' of spawn.