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After coming back from a long hiatus due to school, the most refreshing part of this community is not the site change or the removal of rips but rather how much more open the administrators have become.

I remember when I started here it was an extremely closed community. I applaud the efforts made by Tom in being a more public figure around here. It is nice to see that he is personally responding to posts and clarifying the site policies. I hope that once all this controversy dies down, he remains an active and visible part of the community, while continuing to improve Byond.

So, instead of whining and complaining about how things change, I thank you Tom for the effort put into this site.
well i dare say tom's very devoted to replying to individual posts at the moment, while the site is being the main focus of his work,

But once he can get back to the Byond software, theres a chance you will see less of him, But he has planned to keep us more in the loop, so he will still post more regular feedback and posts than he used to.

So yeah this is a very good thing, and he has put a lot of effort into trying to meet the community demands as well as following his own ideals of the site at the same time.
I guess it would only be appropriate to respond to this.

Thanks. I am trying to make an effort in keeping everyone "in the know" as to the direction and changes here. When BYOND began many years ago, I was much more active on the forums (which was our only public venue), but two things happened:

1) We got a lot more users including some annoying ones.

2) I grew disillusioned with the project (not so much because of anything it did or didn't do, but because I had worked on it for so long).

Now we still have annoying users and I am not completely "illusioned" (heh), but I do still believe in the project and I hope that shows. Every once in a while I will play a game someone made and think, "dang, this is pretty good.. why aren't we successful again?" and that glimmer of hope keeps me going.

I think this year will be the best one BYOND has ever had. We have a lot of good things in the works. This site is just the beginning.