Event Dec 21 2012, 1:00 pm
to Dec 28 2012, 9:00 am
To my fellow Byond ..People I'd like to Host a contest to "Create" new Pixel Artist here for the Byond community.

The goal for this contest(as said above) is to get more people doing some pixel art since Byond doesn't have much. By getting more Pixel Artist out into Byond i'm hoping or at least Wishing that there will be more New games out there with Great Art in them. Now I know many are hesitant to learn that's why in this Contest you will be Provided a Pixel Artist Coach. The coach will help and guide you through some parts you need help with.

I'm not sure yet but there will only be about 4 Contestants, because I'm not 100% sure there will be much Coaches. So right now if you consider yourself a Good Enough Pixel Artist at LEAST above newbie Level i'd like for you to Join and Help Coach.(Just Msg Me)

Now for the people who want to be a Contestant. Plz Msg or post a reason WHY you want to learn Pixel art and so on. This is to ensure to your coaches that you really WANT to learn and not just follow instructions, also you much be active throughout the Contest or at least MUST be available. Lastly you must not be already superly experienced in Pixel art.

Now for prizes since it's only me right now x_x Prizes are as shown for the winners.

1st Place: 1 Year Byond Membership (OR 20$ through Paypal)
2nd Place: You got 2nd Place that's good enough.

:Reason for the prize is to help start off Byond with a Hub and so on I'm doing this for Byond i'm not doing this to give out Money to the winner to spend on random shit,also Since is just me the prize is not as BIG. Another reason the Prizes are like this is so no "Pros" in disguise joins for Prize Money and stuff.:

[EDIT]PS: Reason for the Date is cause that's when it's Winter Break for me so yeah..

[EDIT]PSs: I'm Also looking for people to judge the Art soo.. i only need 3 Including me soo i need TWO more who will volunteer, also you must know how to judge art not like Superly Judge it but just so ya know. Some of the other votes will be from the community of that can work out too.

Meet the Coaches (For Now)






The Results Are IN! 3 Judges were brought in to Judge these Magnificent Art. The Art were judge from 1 to 3 Points.

ImmeasurableHate- Giving Burael-3, Sers-2,and Neo-2

Flysbad-Burael-2,Sers-3,and Neo-1

Bravo1-Burael-3, Sers-2,and Neo-1

Ending score Coming out as Burael 8, Sers 7, and Neo 4

I say great job to all the Contestants the Art they submitted were Great but probably not good enough.



Neo Berserker-http://www.byond.com/members/VixiV/files/Neo%20Berserker.png

CONGRATS to Burael Our Winner!

I participate!
I wanna join too
Amazing job VixiV , I love what you're doing (:
I want to be a Contestant
When I wake up in bed I'm day dreaming about Mega Man traveling on an adventure across boards with dark pits surrounding him as he crosses and his allies on call with his skills, he gets to the end of the board and exits a cave into the world shining bright filled with lush grass. When I get on the computer writing down my dreams and starting to put on some music and just keep on pixeling grass until I find one I enjoy. I would like lessons since I feel it'd be a fun new experience in my life.

Also gratz VixiV this will help many. I really like noble things like these and hope to hold some myself one day. *thumbs up*
I would participate, pixel art is my weak spot. However, I have a lot more personal issues that take a much higher priority. I asusme I was paged this only in an attempt to gather attention to this contest and not to request I join in.

Anyway, good luck on things. Doubt I'll be around to see the progress or winner for the time provided, so congrats to whomever actually wins.
id like to participate as well, if u think my level is good to be a coach then sure if not then i will just enter as a newibie
@ Critical172: Reasons?? Lol but sureess

@ Astrlix: Thanks, more people joining will be better.

@ Kozuma3: Even a guy like me with a 3rd grade education can help people on Byond :3

@ NNAAAAHH: Aww, it'd be good if you join like i just said more the better,and and yes the main purpose was for attention but it'd be great if there were some people interested in entering as a Contestant.

@ Sers000: x_x i feel like if i say you are a newbie then that'd be to offensive. But lol if you want you can be a Contestant or Coach its up to you, since i want to let the coaches decide who they wanna mentor(Like on The Voice) Lools
Using the paintbrush in paint isn't pixel art x_x
-Also to everyone else i'm still looking for JUDGES x_x..
Lol, sorry im trying not to fill up this post with unnecessary posts like these. So if you may please stop we'll be holding tryouts or like preliminary rounds before we start and are hoping to only have like 8-4 people go through with the Coaches and the rest of the Contest.
VixiV i take any criticism from u since we r friends, so id like to participate as a contestant, iv already started working on an art
Good, i'm glad you decided to participate as a Contestant i was starting to worry. No offense and i'm guess non was taken.
So we need to start for the PIXEL ART?!?!? I mean with no coaches :(
Yes then the Coaches or I will choose the 8 we see who are actually willing to Pixel Art. Its just a way of getting rid of the ones who are not even trying and its just a waste of time for us to help someone like that.
I wanna participate in this contest as a CONTESTANT because byond is lacking a lot of good ART in their games and funny thing is that the most popular games on byond are the ones that has bad art like Nestalgia or SpaceShip, so i wanna change the way outside of byond ppl look at byond

done it without a reference :P


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Image hosted by ImageSocket.com

Edit 1:

Uploaded with ImageShack.us

Eyes of Naruto Animes

Uploaded with ImageShack.us

Uploaded with ImageShack.us

ps: The werewolf on th very right was made by me and A2j2tiwari, the legs were made by me and the top by A2J2TWIARI, the other two right were made by me
You forgot the part where the football player clutches his left shin and pretends to be injured.
I don't get what exactly are we supposed to be doing in order to participate. Just make stuff?
I wish to be coached/contestant!

My names Jak I am 20 years old and have alot of spare time, i can code efficiently enough to create a game, but what i lack is much skill in art, i wish to become a good enough pixel artist not only to release my own games, but also help out with others. Some people may say hire an artist, but as you pointed out its very limited now, those that aren't tend to charge and currently i can't afford that. I have loyalty dedication and alot of enthusiasm/time to dedicate to this. I would love the opportunity to enhance not only my self, but byond aswell.
What i would do with skills learned is offer my help as a coder/artist freely to people with original concepts, and hopefully this may help byond get some new talent from promotions and players who are inspired to make their own game.
Hopefully this is enough to get coached ^_^

Thanks Jak

Email [email protected]
Skype(preffered) jakb2k10

Falcon lazorz wrote:
Alighty, I paged you about my second piece of art but you haven't responded so I'll post it here:

I really tried my best here, constructive criticism please!

This had me cracking the fuck up irl for a good 20 seconds, great job man!

I participate because when I try to do my own Pixel Art people bash it or start saying some negative comments but when you guys do your own Pixel Art you just get a new fan. I want to be able to do a game with no need of a developing team. Most of the pixel artist that are reliable aren't reliable! I guess that if I become a Pixel Artist myself first I'll try to help others with their games and second do my own.

My Best Pixel Art, so far:

Email: [email protected]
Skype: [If needed ask me]
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