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Makes me wish I could.
i, i wont have to win a competition just to have sex lol, sex is easy to reach ,however having a byond membership is harder :)
When could we get started and is there a due date?
I want to join but I feel that on a scale of 1 to 10 I'm a 2.
Nobody here is anywhere near a 10, even the best BYOND pixel artists.
<--- 10
^ Lies :P
Trues ;) haven't even posted my best work XD that was all the work i stopped working on and never cared to finish.
so ur not participating?
i am... looks like fun. XD
so ur joining? YES or NO?
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Southend_boi wrote:
i am... looks like fun. XD

it may look fun but u might have inrl issues and wont be able to join so answer my question YES OR NO?

I want to participate if its still possible, im rather new to this but i've always wanted to learn to pixel art,erm thats pretty much it.

Email: [email protected]
It'd be better if you Paged or Msg me at my Email. I don't have time to contact everyone until it starts. (Or more like i don't want to)

I wish work was a little easier to come by, but I guess I just never learned how to 'market' myself.

Maybe this will help? :p
May I add some $ to the first prize? ;]
Lol, if you want but there isn't much we can add to this x.x. Also one more week till the Contest starts so that means you have one more week to prove to us or something that you really really want to be in this contest ;3.
I thought we could just register by saying I want in? Do I have to post something?
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Jordan11 wrote:
I thought we could just register by saying I want in? Do I have to post something?

The goal for this contest(as said above) is to get more people doing some pixel art since Byond doesn't have much.

does that answer your question?
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