Just decided to pop into another section of the forum,kinda get away from BAS see what's out there and this caught my eye....

Pretty funny,great way to waste your time....

Goodluck to everyone,on whatever is going on here.
Woop ty :) good look guys
Why don't you guys just read tuts?
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Because the main point of the contest is to make people with none (like me) to little experience with pixel art become decent artists by getting assistance and guidance, and as a contest it encourages more to get into it.
Im pretty certain that's the main point of art section(BAS).....And a contest shouldn't be what makes you thrive to reach a higher level in your skill,your own ambition to be good artist should be enough.As you become better that should encourage you to reach higher.This just seems like a child's game,completely spitting on actual artist who took time to learn and grow.
A contest that will pit people who have little to no pixel art experience against one another? That's like putting a bunch of blind kids in a burning maze.

Read tutorials, post what you thought was interesting, try to attempt what was done on the tutorial and talk with others who are around your level of pixel art abilities (or someone way better) The best place to learn is www.wayofthepixel.net You can post your work for C+C. BYOND is probably the worst place you can ask for pixel art advice. The best ones don't post, the good ones act arrogant and the shitty ones have like 2-3 games out.
Reading tuts work just like reading a Dictionary but having a coach is like having a teacher teach you actual vocabulary. I mean please are you for real? And talk to people who are around your level (or someone better) what do you think a coach is?? Someone better Lols.
A coach is someone who is hired to teach you/help you practice. No one with skill wants to be a coach to anyone because they are busy with their own work.

Like I said. You can learn from talking to people, but if you treat people like your coach/teacher it can get annoying. Also going to a single person for advice, especially for art, is probably one of the worst ideas you could ever have. Talk to multiple to get better perspective. Art is an opinion more than anything.
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ugh enough of you....just be quiet for once you talk too damn much
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Just telling the truth. Deal with it and go play DMO.
... why.. why would you crush my dreams of becoming a better pixel artist like that..

Well that is beautiful and if you have done as little art as you seem to make it sound like.. then i'm a little :( lol.

Good job though :) looks goo very imaginative, detailed, everything fits.. and well done.
Some one bring some water atlas is on FIRE!!!!!!
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Thought I was the only one who noticed that :o
Sadly like i said that's why there are coaches and Sadly again the coaches are volunteers i mean you can volunteer to teach people too ya know. But in Atlas's eyes you can't get nothing without throwing some money out there. Weird thing he's saying is that you should go to Experts to learn from them but he's also saying why would they bother when they are busy from there own work. O_o? Funny thing i found out is that he's just trolling me cause of the fight i got into with Dokumonki. What a sad world we live in eh?
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I was mostly agreeing with the thing he said about most artists being too arrogant when they aren't even that great. lol
Literally every artist i've come across refuses to do work for me after seeing the graphics in my game, or maybe it's just because it's not a naruto rip.

Either way I think you are doing something good.
Minds coming together to try to learn is always good. People who see themselves above others forget that they once too were learners, observing the pathways others had set before them.

I think alot of developers suffer from that, they take for granted their skills, things that seem easy to them, might not be as simple or clear cut for someone with out the right mentality.

When programming or doing artwork, there is a certain degree of experience you need otherwise you can't connect what is real and how things seem to be.

Put another way, what one thinks might not match up to the reality. Someone could see your work and go - that looks easy and simple to do, and then turn right around and not be able to do it if given the chance.

I personally think this is a pretty cool contest and if anything you will learn something from it about yourself , others and the reality of things so keep at it. :)
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Where's the Like button when you need it.It's stuff like this that brings a smile to my face xD.
Ty Ty :)
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Dariuc wrote:
I was mostly agreeing with the thing he said about most artists being too arrogant when they aren't even that great. lol

o_O he's one of those arrogant artist that isn't even great...

most artist i've come across are pretty chill guys... perverted but chill.
x.x Are you trying to say im Arrogant cause im not sure. But please no not here xD this is goin off topic. And hey i may be perverted but im chill..cause people ya know.
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VixiV wrote:
x.x Are you trying to say im Arrogant cause im not sure. But please no not here xD this is goin off topic. And hey i may be perverted but im chill..cause people ya know.

Lol get on MSN before they delete this comment.
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I think you're missing the point. You're limiting the contestants, people with actual talent, just because it seems like they can produce better content than you. This is a contest about learning, which you stated. So why not let the people lose to someone better than them, they can look at the winner's art and pick out details that they missed in their own work, instead you're setting up failures to gain arrogance for winning a handicapped match.

Even then, limiting one contestant to one coach is silly. Like I said before, Art is more opinion than anything. If you create something to a Coach's expectations, you still have a chance of losing because your opinion or whoever is deciding the winner has different taste in art.
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