Lol Contest Entries are over. We are Judging right now. Sorry
Finished Judging Updated first post

Btw Congratz to both Burael and Sers, i really liked your pieces.
Sorry guys, I was supposed to be a contest voter but my Internet decided to douche out on me last night. It was going so slow I couldn't even load the page to download the contest files.

But yeah, grats on who won they probably deserved it.
congratulations Burael nice mock up
I just realized the 1st place prize got 20 bucks, damn should have disguised myself as a byond noob and entered >__> lol jk grats b.
There will be a new competition for pixel art?
In response to Burael
Burael wrote:
I want to participate. I am totally new to pixelart.

The reason why:

Thsnk you,

I really like this post
I cant believe I missed this... I should tread out of the Art&sSound board more... Dammit... When is the 2013 edition of this?
Also interested =D.
whens the next contest? i'd like to join it
let me in this !!!!!!!!!1
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