Okay Well like i said long ago i was gunn release some free icons well i guess i might as well release them now right? (im releasing them now cause i lost a lot awhile back while deleting and cleaning my pc.So i should do it now before i delete more stuff xD) Keep in mind these are old ish.

Please give credit?? x_x cause i don't get all this credit stuff.

Download Link:
Ewwww WHAT!? You couldn't pay someone to use these!!!!
That's why they are free.. o_o duhh
He's saying that you couldn't even get PAID to use them. Not that people wouldn't pay to use them. So basically, he's also saying that free is overpriced.

EDIT: Okay, I just had a look at the icons. They're not all that bad. I personally think they look good, even. They're cartoony, but still good.
Lol, So he was trolling?? xD sorry i didn't even noticed :P
Folder 2 and 3 are actually good.
No, that's just the truth.
GamerMania that just made me laugh....funny.
You've done a great job on these icons, very consistent in style. They aren't perfect but I could see someone use them as placeholders.
In response to Pandora'sSecret
Lol, That's why they are free. And Thank You, Coming from someone like you that's a compliment for me... i think..
Nice set of icons really, i think it's good to stick your icons out there if you don't want to use them and they serve for recognisable place holders :)