One Piece:Pirates Grand Dream

by Kwame46
Newest Stuff on the Block.

<~Moderation Staff:~>

Owner:Zero Minami(Kwame46) & Saiyuki(YungCutta)
Co Owners:Ace,Isamu Hyuuga, Matt
Super Admin's:Nevin, Mai
Trial Enforcer:

<~Update Team & Work Efforts Team~>

Iconners:Zero, Ace, Sai, Infinity, Seph,Isamu Hyuuga
Hub Artist:
Update Manager:Ace(AceFTW)

<~Game Rules:~>

1.No spamming
2.No killing in places of Safe zone
3.No flamming other players
4.No glitching
5.If bugs found do not exploit but report in forums
6.No caps
7.No advertising other games
8.No racist comments against players or anyone

<~Game Moderator Rules~>

1.No getting 4 or more complaints on you with out good reason.
2.Follow all player rules.
3.Always make sure you have a reason for punishments
4.Be fair when judging and giving punishments
5.Dont ask for promotions earn them
6.Do not Abuse your powers

<~Things that will be in the game's Beta Test~>

~>Can Make Your Own Crew

~>There Will be Numerous Devil Fruit Powers

~>Many Styles for Humans who can't find a Devil Fruit such as Swordsanship

~>Many Orgs You Can get into if u don't want to be in a pirate crew
~>You Can Be Born in the East Blue
~>Both Devil Fruit Users and Humans Can be born with Haki,Haoushoku Haki,or Mantra
~>Must Have High Levels and Bounties to join most orgs and World Government
~>You Can Have Your Ephihet

<~Fighting Styles~>
(Mainly for non-devil friut users but some of them can also be used by devil fruit users but non-devil fruit users get a better boost)

~>Swordsmenship- Kokutou Yoru,Three Swords Style,

~>Close Combat- Black Leg Style,Rokushiki,

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