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the zombie server is online ask to antonfate about the zombies
George the admin you made before he was a admin mass griefed the station useing Anti Griefing Squad and acording to deadman made him ( deadman ) a monkey. Anyway he muted me from everthing when I was talking to him asking him why he killed jeb and ordered a hit on me and then banned me for two days

Banned by host:
Reason: Griefer and bugging a admin and being a complete asshole and accusing a a admin of grief
Expires: 1 Days
By: georgesmith
Hello cheet, I have been banned from your station for no reason, could you talk to Firesho and ask why I am banned, it says I was griefing, but I have no prior history of greifing on your server. Thank you Cheet
i cant connect to your server. did you do anything?
I was perma-banned because i killed a guy that attacked me with a mech and then the admin cornered me in a mech, and depleted the oxygen from the room, and he wouldn't move, so i shot and destroyed his mech, so he perma-banned me, this is complete bullshit and requesting an unban
I have been perma banned from your station because of self defense, consider getting intelligent admins, will ya? I mean, a random assistant just attacked me with a fire extinguisher, almost killed me, then I killed him for self defense. And the prison was fucked up so I couldn't arrest him either. The admin just said: ''ugm u grieffd u get perma ban'' Sooo, yeah. Get new admins, will ya? And lift my ban, please.
I was banned for self defence.. Somone shot me, So i change them into a monkey...
Hello, Dr. Cheet0. I normally do my best to respect your server, but I have a complaint about one of your admins, Firesho, he deleted 3 people, including myself. He did this because we had started a group and some people had complained. Instead of asking us to stop that people didn't like it, he decided to delete my whole group and everything we did.
tell eluf elaf to unban me he banned me for trying to kill a guy breaking into genetics which i work there and put slimes and kill my monkeys for no reson i got a engery axe to shoo him away i dident kill him i told eluf he should have told the guy how did that do stop
Welcome BYOND! (4.0 Public Version 498.1150)
Logging in...connected
Logged in as KhornateSlayer.
Connecting to byond://
Banned by host:
Reason: Griefer major
By: firesho
Access denied.

I joined your server yesterday some wizard teleports and magic missiles me so I shoot him with a stun and walk off fire bans me without messageing nor telling me why is is a 'major' greif.
I see we got a lot of badmin complaints here. While he is the server host, I think it would be slightly more productive to take it up with that admin and discuss it like adults.

that being said, Firesho and coolfoolftw are massive asshats who abuse their admin status to protect their egos.

Coolfool, if you're reading this, you're a shithead! Kill yourself!
^^ I agree
Hi cheeto
please unban me, admin accused me of releasing plasma into everything and killing everyone, meanwhile i was saving everyone by becoming the emergency doctor.

i didn't do it.

please unban i really enjoy the server every once in a while.
Can i become a mod for you're server to ensure no greifing and allow some people to become mobs if they promise they won't attack humans or power then i will let them be that mob
I just wanted to apoligize for attacking you with a katana yesterday, that was uncalled for.
I don't suppose there is any chance i could be unbanned is there?
Excuse me, but an admin on your server, exxyizzy, permabanned me for shooting someone who shot me in the face with a lazer. Could you speak to him for me please?
I just got banned for having someone cut of anothers head. The person was SSD and my slave so I didnt think I would get banned but I did.
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