Hey Cheet0, the server appears to be down. I can connect to other SS13 servers, but the Commodore 64 server keeps showing the "Connecting... Failed" message.
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Exxyizzy is Ban happy I hope n Drcheet0 Handles him/her
Exxyizzy can't handle the agressive type of gameplay in which I (me and my wicked char) apply lesser harm to players instead of devastating them. Got banned for talking back. Deal with trigger happy kid with buttons
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Please unban me! this is my favorite server and I really wanna play on it again!
I formally apologize for my actions online today, I did act in a way that was impolite towards you, especially you being the host and all, and at risk of NEVER getting my adminship back, or worse, feel I should say you can be at fault too, I would not have been as angry, had you not retaliated to me arresting you with murder. You have lost a, what most people think to be, good admin, but I understand, things must have consequences.
Can you come to commodore we need you to turn on the power.
Hey drcheet0 I just want to apologize for letting you down when I was a admin on your server I had so much fun and I guess I just got so caught up in it and shit so yea im sorry and I hope you can forgive me and unban me for I can play again it really was the ultimate server again im sorry and I don't blame you if you don't unban me and still hate me but yea just think about it thanks yours truly -George
Drcheet0 also you don't ever have to make me gamemaster again I just want to apologize for the complaints of me and me being ban happy I just thought I was doing my job correctly and I shouldn't of flipped out I do apologize and hope you can unban me and forgive me and also I do suggest taking exxyizzy and firesho ranks away I read all the complaints they seem like they are not doing very well so just my suggestion but yea if you could unban me that would be great and I hope to never let you down again and yea that's all please read this post I hope you do and forgive me id appreciate it greatly it would make my day and id be happy again thanks yours sincerely -George Smith (Former gamemaster lol)
Oh and also congratz on the membership of byond :P
Is the server down? I can't find it.
can u help me get a ss13 minastrator theres no one on right now and can't even respawn sence yesterday
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