Katekyo Hitman Reborn:The Dying Flame

by Itachi Slayer
Katekyo Hitman Reborn:The Dying Flame
The Flames of the Sky and Earth are Dying one at a Time. Whats the Cause?
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Map 40%
Moves 20%
Flames 70%
Npcs 95%

Families & Organizations
Vongola Famiglia Vongola Familia Pictures, Images and Photos
Millefiore Famiglia Byakuran Pictures, Images and Photos
Cavallone Famiglia dino Pictures, Images and Photos

Shimon Famiglia Kozato Enma Pictures, Images and Photos

Tomaso Famiglia

Varia VARIA Pictures, Images and Photos

VonGolA Pictures, Images and Photos

Must be that Type to b the Guardian. All types aren't in game
Vongola Boss(Sky)- Reborn
Rain Guardian-
Storm Guardian-
Thunder Guardian-
Cloud Guardian(be thunder)-
Mist Guardian(be rain)-
Sun Guardian(be storm)-


Serve as helpers to the Guardians
Arcobaleno Leader(Reborn/Sky)-
Arcobaleno Luce(Sun)-
Arcobaleno Fon(Storm)-
Arcobaleno Viper(Mist)-
Arcobaleno Skull(Cloud)-
Arcobaleno Verde(Thunder)-
Arcobaleno Colonnello(Rain)-
Arcobaleno Lal Mirch(Corrupter)-

Varia( Vongola Assassins)
VARIA Pictures, Images and Photos
Varia Leader:


If you need some one to host this game I would like to put my self forward!
wen imdoenwith it ill look u up
Sorry but may I ask when It will be finished it just sounds amazing........ really wanna play haha
its currently being halted and will be worked on at a later time
if this game isnt a text based game like the only other Hitman Reborn game then i would really like to play it. Im looking forward to the day i get to play it.
plz host this if its not text based i will play all the time its on :P i love it plz finish it nd host it!!
pls open the game i will play it