Beyblade: Shadows of Darkness

by Vampirism96
Welcome to BSoD open testing mode( Need a mapper, a host, and an Iconner )

Welcome to Welcome to Beyblade: Shadows of Darkness!


Owner: Ruki-Sama
Right Hand Man: Chaos
Left Hand Man: Exzerium
Global GMs: Randal and Michael


1. Don't log in to talk crap about our game.
2. No excessive swearing or caps.
3. No racist comments.
4. Do not abuse bugs, report them to an Admin once found.
5. No advertising.
6. No arguing in world-say. Keep it in view or out of our game.
7. No Multi-keying.
i would like to be an iconner
ill be host
i be host
my msn [email protected]
i'm a good hoster :D
You had to make lycan for subscribers
does anyone want go on my server
i just made
i am hosting a sever daily but not 24 it will be off for 2 hours daily rest of the day it will be online please join
when is the update and will there be ncps