Pokemon Omega Finale

by Aron1
Join Pokemon Omega Finale a Fun Game With No Pwipes and more Updates to come Dedicated to Yut Put
Co Owner:Qassim11
1.Do Not Ask for GM if u do you will be Punished
2.Do Not AFK train if you are caught You will be booted or get Your Pokemon stats halfed
3.If you need any help ask a Moderator (Admin or GM)
4.No Bug Abusing If u are caught u will be banned
Gym Leaders Requests
Fire gym:
Cap: 3 level 100 fire types
Water gym:
Cap: 3 level 200 water types
Dark gym:
Cap: 4 level 300 dark types
Grass gym:
Cap: 4 level 400 grass types
Flying gym:
Cap: 5 level 500 flying types
Steel gym:
Cap: 5 level 600 steel types
Thunder gym:
Cap: 6 level 700 thunder types
Omega Finale gym:
Cap: 6 level 800 Legendary Pokemon

If you liked the original game PED, come take a look at PUO which is a brand new and original Pokemon Game coming to Byond. Cart12 and Myself are working together with a few other well known Pokemon players to bring this game to byond (since Pokemon has been in the dark on byond for quite a while). Fan/Favorite the hub and try out the Demo which you can download on the hub!

http://www.byond.com/games/IMangekyouI/ PokemonUniverseOrigins