Shinobi: Revelation

by SkyAkuto
Shinobi: Revelation
Welcome to SR, a brand new SSO server dedicated to establishing a clean, professional, and entertaining sandbox-roleplaying experience.
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...An Era fueled by war and blood-shed...Children torn from their mothers arms to join the front lines...Fathers, Uncles, Aunts, and Friends alike falling by the dozen. Rape, Murder, Starvation, Theft, Anarchy and Pandemonium permeate the world...But that's not what today is about.

Knowing that their power and wealth was crumbling with the stringent drains of their resources caused by the ever-waring shinobis. The Fuedal Lords have exalted a cease-fire amongst each of the great shinobi villages, Konohagakure-no sato, Sunagakure no sato, and Kirigakure no sato. Knowing this was not enough they all decreed that TODAY each of the villages were to send all shinobi young and old to the land of milk and honey for a glorious festival known as, "The Festival Of Lights." All were expected to attend with the exception of a few in order to stay back and guard their homes.

Any shinobi whom would attack at the festival or during this one-day cease-fire will be labled an enemy to all and quickly disposed of. All who refuse to attend will be labled an enemy and their villages will no longer recieve support from the rest of the world...

This Festival will have a showing of martial arts for those whom wish to display their fighting prowness. Fireworks, Food, and various games and vendors for those looking for more of a leasure time....AND ITS ALL FREE!! There will also be a few key speakers, from the Fuedal Lords, Kages, and Sages...JOIN NOW FOR I'M SURE THINGS ARE BOUND TO GO DOWN ESPECIALLY WITH ALL THIS BAD BLOOD MIXING. (We are not responsible for anyone whom is raped, killed, kidnapped...and remember there'll still be a war tommorow.)

Best quotes of SR evar:

(Uma Anime): I doubt I can be SOSP, and u'd allow it.
(SkyAkuto): Sure.
(Uma Anime): And that I can RP fully with anyone.
(Alergy): -Makes rainbow-
(SkyAkuto): You can be SoSP.
(Alergy): No homo.
(Uma Anime): *inb4noRinnegan,oranyjutsu*
(SkyAkuto): No, you get Rinnegan.
(SkyAkuto): Paths and all.
(Uma Anime): Oh, then ur just trolling.
(Alergy): Oshit
(Uma Anime): I see, I see.
(SkyAkuto): No.
(SkyAkuto): I'm serious.
(SkyAkuto): I need a plot.
(Uma Anime): Nice joke there, Akuto. Nice jokes.
(SkyAkuto): I'd just have you stimulate RP.
(SkyAkuto): No, I'm not joking.
(Uma Anime): Oh, I can do that.
(SkyAkuto): If you keep insisting I am I'll take it myself.
(SkyAkuto): Do you want it, is it a problem?
(Uma Anime): I want it.
(SkyAkuto): Okay.
(Uma Anime): But, I'm so used to admins trolling me about it lmao.
(SkyAkuto): So your getting free SoSP from me is okay.
(Uma Anime): Since I joke around with it, but still.
(Alergy): LOL
(SkyAkuto): But my getting free shit to stimulate RP is abuse.
(Alergy): Susanmarkington tried to start akat
(SkyAkuto): Hypocrisy of this community.
(Yasir2121): Im
(Yasir2121): Getting
(Yasir2121): Toad
(Yasir2121): LOL
(Alergy): lol
(Dragonfile): If i wasn't ranked
(Typhlosion101): Kiri, Konoha, and Suna get 1 each.
(Dragonfile): I'd go for toad sage
(Dragonfile): I
(Dragonfile): Wish
(Dragonfile): I was
(Dragonfile): The ant sage
(SkyAkuto): I'm gonna be the fuck mothering Horse sage.
(Dragonfile): LOL
(SkyAkuto): Turn into that narnia mother fucker.
(SkyAkuto): Fuck yeah.
(BlueScorpion): I just choked on some tea.
(Alergy): GTFO
(Typhlosion101): I just choked on some cock
(Typhlosion101): Stop using caps for real
(Alergy): U started.
(Typhlosion101): Does it look like I give a fuck?
(Typhlosion101): osnap
(Typhlosion101): did that hurt?
(Alergy): Q.Q No
(Alergy): i'm fine.
(Typhlosion101): Then y u QQin
(Alergy): -ICly grabs rope-
(Alergy): -ICly grabs chair-
(Typhlosion101): Do a flip
(Alergy): -rope breaks- :c
(Alergy): WTF
(Typhlosion101): Sky, stop brah
(Alergy): SRSLY
(Alergy): First the homo's
(SkyAkuto): Confirmed for not kawaii
(Typhlosion101): I'm gay so I'm kawaii as fuck I dunno what you talkin about
(Alergy): then the non-cute spam but called c-
(Alergy): I'm done..
(Alergy): Srsly
(Typhlosion101): I'M GAY OOCLY NOT ICLY
(Alergy): ...Still..
(SkyAkuto): wut
(Typhlosion101): But if you seriously wanna know, I'm just so comfortable with homosexuality, but I'm not gay o.e
(Alergy): ...
(Typhlosion101): Like the job I worked at was literally filled with homosexuals
(SkyAkuto): So.
(Alergy): K
(Alergy): pL0X
(SkyAkuto): You're gay?
(Typhlosion101): No o.e
(SkyAkuto): Yeah.
(SkyAkuto): He ga.
(SkyAkuto): y
(Alergy): Don't go near kiri OOCly
(BlueScorpion): Hah. Gay.
(Typhlosion101): Okay, you got me guys
(Typhlosion101): Real talk I'm a homosexual
(Devoin): hi evan. nd ehh idk if gonna stay on ths game. Just came to say hi
(SkyAkuto): BURN THE GAY
(Typhlosion101): I have a boyfriend too
(Roxinea): Evan, if Sky is going to act like a 5yrold all day, their is no point, this server is doomed.
(SkyAkuto): there*
(Alergy): LOL
(Roxinea): So, ENjoy it while you can =D
(BlueScorpion): Lol.
(Evanalmighty): ....
(SkyAkuto): I don't get free hokage so this server sucks*
(Evanalmighty): -facedesk-
(Amatsuchi): Wut I miss
(SkyAkuto): butthurt fucknugget*
Mephilis announces:
Typhlosion, Sky, calm your AIDS.
(Alergy): LOL
(Typhlosion101): I'm RPing so yeah brah
(SkyAkuto): I was exaggerating for the sake of humor.
(MasterSpectra): Meph
(MasterSpectra): My good man.
(MasterSpectra): Stop abusing announce.
(Typhlosion101): And I was quoting the boondocks

Mephilis announces:
That's not abusing announce.
(MasterSpectra): But that is.
(SkyAkuto): But that is.
(SkyAkuto): LOL

Mephilis announces:
This is abusing announce.
(MasterSpectra): Beat you to it.

(MasterSpectra): Reaper (?) says: [Making a sandwich is your topic.
Kiyuto (D-) says: [I've never made my own lunchmeat sandwhich]
(SkyAkuto): I cyber now and then.
(Reaper): Motherfucker
(SkyAkuto): I hate the tease.
(SkyAkuto): Like.
(Reaper): Courage is amazing.
(SkyAkuto): I'm just so horny.
(SkyAkuto): I wanna climax.
(SkyAkuto): But I'm finishing the RP.
(SkyAkuto): Y'know?
(SusanMarkington) fuck you give me admin so I can set myself up bitch
(Dragonfile): One time
(Dragonfile): I went to Konohagakure
(Dragonfile): As Kirigakure
(Dragonfile): Shinobi
(Dragonfile): So me and Jake go to Konohagakure and cause some trouble
(Dragonfile): We are told to go back to Kiri which we do
(Dragonfile): One day we see zet and he's all like get in a line
(Dragonfile): Me being Chuunin
(Dragonfile): I was like okay
(Dragonfile): I'll abide.
(Dragonfile): Seeing as my Mizukage followed his lead
(Dragonfile): We get in a line
(Dragonfile): And he's like
(Dragonfile): Can Robert speak?
(Dragonfile): I am like
(Dragonfile): Sup
(Dragonfile): Zets like you a bitch nigga who left Kiri to mess with our shinobi
(Dragonfile): And I am like
(Dragonfile): Your shinobi did as well
(Dragonfile): And he's like I dealt with them
(Dragonfile): And Im like Bull shit
(Dragonfile): And he's like you're goona now
(Dragonfile): Any last words?
(Dragonfile): And I said fuck you
(Reaper): Dragon are you still butthurt about dying?
(Dragonfile): Nah
(Dragonfile): It was rp
(Dragonfile): Im just telling the story
(Dragonfile): And so he cut my head off
(Dragonfile): And the incompetent ass Mizu at the time Loled it off
Whoa this is a cool game. Man I wish I could play this 24/7 like why is all of byond not playing this?
In response to Typhlosion101
Typhlosion101 wrote:
Whoa this is a cool game. Man I wish I could play this 24/7 like why is all of byond not playing this?

All about that titty life.