Supernova 1

by Crazah
Supernova 1
A new space adventure MMO, based in a futuristic time period. You play as a Captain of a starship. Choose your own path, good or evil.
Supernova is a rising space adventure game that revolves around the known universe. It is years in the future when Humans have discovered high-tech space advances. Supernova aims for scientific accuracy, and making the game more enjoyable for players.

Supernova includes all the features that of today's space adventuring MMO's in a more compact, and fun environment. You can trade between solar systems to earn a profit, or you could pirate these ships and steal their goods. You have the ability to join/or create a guild, and declare galactic warfare or plan elaborate plans within your own private guild.

You have the ability to buy and sell many different types of ships, weapons, equipment, and augmentations. The major commodities within the Cosmos are: Metal, Silicon, Microchips, Vos, and Promethium.

Source released for educational purposes (via download link). If you wish to continue the game, please contact myself.
Just an FYI.

1. Downloaded and all the resources are in folders but your code doesn't expect that. You have to move all the resources to the root directory before you can play.

2. After fixing issues from #1, the game (demo) is unplayable. Everything I click does nothing or says "Unrecognized or inaccessible verb:"
I originally made this game in 2008, uploaded in 2010, I don't expect it to actually still be usable, not that it really was back in the day either.