Rising Dawn

by Crazah
Rising Dawn
An upcoming fantasy RPG. You take the role of an aspiring adventurer, choose your destiny.
Rising Dawn is a fairly new BYOND MMO. You take the role of a adventurer, you may wish to sit back and craft, woodcut or mine, or you may want to jump into the fray and combat mighty enemies. We have tried to make Rising Dawn an appealing and vibrant environment for all ages. You will find a welcoming community, who will take you in and teach you throughout your time here. Each time you log in, may it be a new monster, or new dungeon things are constantly being developed. We hope you find Rising Dawn a appealing RPG.

You are a aspiring adventurer, lured by the promises of chests of gold, and anything beyond your wildest dreams. Your home town has been left far behind you, as you set out on your adventures. A man by the name of Ren, left your village before you were the age of 10 along the same path as you intend, although, his mind was blurred from this path and he turned to the darkness. He journeyed to the Forbidden Tower, and opened the gate to darkness. Now, Monsters rule the land and forests. You, as a adventurer must hold back the hordes, and seal the gate.

Source released for educational purposes (via download link). If you wish to continue the game, please contact myself.
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