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I'm not quite sure if my hubs have been locked or not, but I would like to submit a unlock request on two of my hubs if that is what happened.

Wytheria the Kings Rane, as it is me and another person's plan to actually work on the game.

Legacy of Eternia as I am once again working on the game.

If that is not the issue I would gladly take any helpful pointers as to why I cannot edit the hub name or add helpers.
You must be a BYOND member to create or modify hubs, though this may change in the near future.
I must have missed the Modify bit, but thanks Andrew. I am slightly angered as these hubs are older, and in the past I have used and editted them... Creating hubs I can understand, but bleh, thanks for telling me. I have to now inform Uchisan of this.
Best response
I promise this will be cleared up soon.
I appreciate this Tom.