Welcome to the first column of BYOND and Within to use its normal time span.  I like having content, but I'm hoping there won't be many posts spanning multiple weeks.  I followed up on my habit of having two posts for each Gamasutra entry and, though I cut material as usual, I still think it ran long...  Actually this lone week seems long too.  Woah!

As requested, BYOND material now comes first.  I suggest paying some attention to the external content as well.  While a portion might be friendly shout-outs, game development tips and opportunities for exposure will also be available.

...We're now entering the point where non-Tech Tree readers will realize that a lot of projects get mentioned repeatedly.  It's because this column focuses on activity and that activity generally happens in streaks.  Want more variety?  Post more progress! =)

Within BYOND

IainPeregrine's Casual Quest has been updated with some bug fixes that mostly involved high scores.  Meanwhile, the developer of the cooperative action title has been looking for voice actors.  For those of you not up to it, he is also welcoming screenshots.  Some of the new pictures might be on the hub page already.  They're a little small, but I like 'em. =)

New maps are on the way for the team-based action of Decadence.  Following the poll of themes offered in last week's update, a call went out for testers.  Free Decadence subscriptions of undetermined length have been offered, but the positions appear to be filled.  If so, the new content should still give players something to look forward to.

Developers, are you interested in onscreen text and HUDs as displayed in games like Proelium II, NEStalgia and the unreleased Acheron's Awakening?  If so you're in luck as Silk Games have released a demo teaching how to do just that.  Try the silver version now.  A gold version will be available for purchase later.  Requests for what it should include are welcome.

Gakumersara's Terulia systems lack a specific game to to tie in, but they're still of note.  Terulia Forum Service offers unified forums and BYOND-key based messaging.  Terulia Relay Chat allows players to communicate between games and receive alerts from said forums.  Both allow users to log in through BYOND for added security and no additional registration.  Developers might want to check them out along with the continued service improvements.

Nadrew has posted an update log for the BYOND classic My Life As A Spy.  Along with some bug fixes, the interface has received a partial update.  I'm a nut for that sort of thing so seeing a BYOND 3.0 era game updated with more recent interface practices me happy.  Refer to the hub page for the hosting schedule.

Acebloke made some minor updates to his military/economic sim, Wargames, and graphical MUD, Dreamland Universe.  However, fixes probably won't excite you.  For fun, check out Tetsuya's weekly Wargames tournaments.  Winners will be awarded subscriptions.

Forum_account has been working on multiple games again.  The focus has been on the action platformer A Miner Adventure.  A generic way to add game modes has been added along with a tutorial mode and some options to improve network performance.  Another level of upgrades has been planned for the platformer Exordium & Terminus as well, but developers might be most interested in his plans for an RTS framework.

Fantasie Productions are happy to announce that the tile icons for their RPG are complete.  Work will soon continue on the tutorial island, Tutoria, and the main city, Section One.  The latter is planned to be large with many quests, shops and games.

I asked for pictures so I hope I don't come off as a jerk for mentioning this.  Fantasie Productions have been rather open with their assets and I'd rather not screw them over with my attempts at promotion.  I would like to suggest that the mockups developers post be screenshots of (fake or real) game maps.  One reason is because it gives a better idea of what games will look like.  Another is because it could make stealing your art just a bit more difficult.

Back from hiatus, Techgamer posted details of the RPG Vault of Heaven.  Characters will earn experience for themselves, their class and class upgrades separately.  There are multiple tiers with the highest being reserved for subscribers and additional rare classes on the way.  Details of the class upgrades as well as an example are provided in the post.

Lige and Branks are working on a new project called Suukou Faita.  The details thus far seem to indicate a standard ORPG.  However, as far as I can tell, the theme might provide an infringement-free experience for fans of various fighting anime.  Players will rise from a student to a master as they learn martial arts in the elemental school of their choice.

Does the banner make anyone else want to watch Volcano High? =)

There's few details other than a recent test server, but I figured I'd mention that Darker Emerald has resumed work (with others) on the survival horror RPG Dead World.  I know there are people who are sick of zombies and I don't blame them.  However, I've downloaded so many music tracks from Darker Emerald's blog that I'm happy to know there's a game licensed to use them. =)

Apologies to EmpirezTeam and those who would have participated in his RTS contest.  I missed it in my first post.  I had a warning that time was running out bookmarked for the second, but I knew there were only going to be two days left before the end.  Entries were lacking. =(

Beyond BYOND

  • Tadhg Kelly recently offered an opinion on Minecraft And The Question Of Luck.  Rather than attributing the game's success to fate, the column explores the game attributes and culture that led it to glory and why the next success story is unlikely to have a resemblance.
  • Are you creating that next success from home as an indie?  Alistair Doulin offers some tips.
  • How about self-publishing?  Check out the World Love presentation made by Cliff Harris of Positech Games.
  • Just don't offer a clone.  Desktop Dungeons developers QCF Design were interviewed by Rock Paper Shotgun.  Their views seem more extreme than my own, but they did fight with a rather blatant example.
  • I've found Psychochild's Stay Classy relevant to various BYOND discussions.  It enters the arena of class and classless systems and comes out much more favorable for the latter and hybrids than other takes I've read.
  • Board Games with Scott's Scott Nicholson recently took on the role of The Game Professor on Board Game Info.  Check out his column.
  • Has anyone else tried the new game recommendation service Reccr?  I gave it a try, but I'm not sure how many share my tastes well enough to give me decent results.
  • Would you like some game in your game while you game?

I don't have a video this week so I figured I'd just embed the latest offering from Dodger of Press Heart To Continue.  I could make a smart remark about her pretty eyes or her relationship with Starcraft commentator Husky, but I'm really just a fan as she often seems to be my lone source of mainstream game news outside of podcasts.

Got news?  I actually finished writing before midnight this time and remembered to open the comments to everyone!

You're not coming off as a jerk at all :O It's nice that you care about our icons :)
But I have some faith in the new Byond community and icon theft is hopefully behind us.
Yay, Lige and I got mentioned! We'll have another update really soon!
I'm really enjoying these "Byond and Withins'.

keep them comming!
I still say call it BYOND and beyond ;)
She was so right about the Dead Space Ad.....