One of the most asked questions in philosophy.
"Why do we exist?"

The answer looks like it's simple, but as they say, looks can be deceiving.

Would a mere answer like "To live our lives." be enough, or should it be more complicated like "To reach a certain goal."? Some people might feel like the answer is "To suffer until we die." when others feel like "To live happily ever after".

Me? I've never been the philosophy kind, so I don't ask myself that question to much. But if they would ever ask me. My answer would be right from my heart and to my current situation. Because the question "Why do we exist?" cannot be answered by facts, but only by opinions. When I might be mad, I might answer "To waste time." but when I'm really happy, I might be like "To enjoy life."

So basically: "Why do we exist?" is a question, that can only raise opinions and the answer is dependent on the mood of the person and how a person thinks.

I do know that Philosophy is a hard thing to talk about and it requires a bit of logic, if you don't really get what I was talking about. You really should re-read the post, if you look at Philosophy from a number of viewpoints/ways, you will find yourself in the midst of a whole universum of questions and answers. All of them are right and yet all of them are wrong. That is what makes Philosophy interesting.

I do not know how YOU think about it but I would gladly like to know what you think, share a comment if you'd like.


To find what we believe in! BELIEVE IT
Do we have to have a reason to exist?
Stephen001 wrote:
Do we have to have a reason to exist?
You're only like...the 4th person I've seen post something about "why were existing. -_-
We exist only to question existence.
So if we don't question it, do we stop existing?
Just a matter of opinion hoss.
Do we exist only to question why we exist to question existence?
The easiest way to exist is to live without a reason or purpose.

Our biggest challenge is realizing that we are here for a reason and that we were created for a purpose. The only problem is that by nature, we are creatures who desire to do the exact opposite of what we were intended to do. That is why we murder, lie, steal, etc. These are things that we were not meant to do but we do them anyway because we ignore our true purpose in order to pursue our selfish desires.
The answer is 42
*I think* that it's because, Life is a gift ;)