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My spoiler-heavy ode to Yorda wasn't good enough to be featured by Gamasutra for the holiday. She ran off hand-in-hand with some kid.

Maybe I should aim younger too. Dodger probably needs revenge on Husky for making out with a dog.

...She hates me?

All of the flowers. All of the flowers I gave her. She burned them. Burned them.
Action cupid o.o yeah =1

Lol happy valentines day Acwraith :) .

poor dog lol.
Well, it could get worse. 4chan's /a/ board is quite depressing this time of year.
Hey, you always have me <3
SuperAntx wrote:
Wow, awesome video. Although, they shoulda did less running around shooting people. If it had ended at, "Let's make some love." I probably woulda showed it to a friend however it became dull and drown-out.

As for female issues. RAPE HER! ;). Works EVERY time.
@Ss4toby: Thankfully, rape is never on the menu. Frell, it took me a long time before I could even watch a Tiny Barbarian gameplay video without secondhand knowledge of the source material making me turn away.
I'm sorry ACWraith, but ya gotta see the humor in it. I read briefly and from what I gathered some chick appeared, made fun of him, then he decide, "I'mma rape this chick!" So he chaces her accross the arctic wasteland. And the best part is he doesn't get to rape her. If he did that would had just screwed everything up and you'd look bad for thinking it were funny. See, it's genius...