I don't mean to post so suddenly..

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  • Is not similar to PSe.
  • Joint project between Kumorii and Lightcall-Skeleton.
  • All graphics are original with exception to the mugshot and mob icons.
Looks nice, glad your working again.


Get on msn please, need to ask a few questions about a few things, I'm sure you can help me understand them.

Thanks, Neblim.
The turf icons were custom made by my friend, Darkdragonn.

The overworld effects(petals, fog, sun glare) were made by lightcall.

Thank you, Daku. [:
Pretty. =)
Very nice
Damn. That game looks great. I especially love the effects.
Yes, because ripping graphics from a GBA game makes them original.

@Yammen: As I already said below, all the turf icons were custom made(not-ripped), all the overworld effects(fog, sun glare, petals) were made by Lightcall.
The only graphics ripped from a game are the Pokemon overworlds and the mugshots.

@Dutch3d; Yusuke13; ACWraith: Thank you very much, guys. [:
Haha such a beautiful game you have created, Mr. Kumorii!
Thank you, Proxon! [:
so he has it now ?
Dakota33167 wrote:
so he has it now ?

I'm afraid I don't understand what you're asking. ]:
Do you have it? *looks shifty in stereotypical spy garb*
is lightcall a pixelartist or a program? the effects caught my eye too not really interested in the fog but the sun rays do add a realistic touch to the game which makes it look impressive definitely gives it depth

Lightcall-Skeleton is a pixel artist.
She's very talented and one of my closest friends.