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As you can see, the BYOND update destroyed my "css" as they say. :|

I'll fix that at some point so please forgive for now.

I'm going to try and keep the PopLava account less social going forward and more for administrative stuff only. I will discuss things like my "feelings" and share my efforts on the project here and reserve the PopLava blog for things like announcements and etc. That's what I mostly do anyway but I sometimes get chatty in there as well.

I've started dumping my thoughts into the Poplava Project Manager integration. I've got a stack of early sketches and interface work flow done. The result of this effort is essentially another 10 interface windows and forms sitting on top of what I already have in the Project Manager.

While doing that, I'm starting to prep for all this work. I just started creating full backups of both projects, project notes, and various resources. There is a couple gigs worth of data for the Resource Center so I'll be copying for a while I guess.

After backing everything up, I need to branch the Resource Center so I can continue to make bug fixes while integrating the PM. This will be a pain in the ass because I will have to remember to apply fixes in two places. :| Could really use some good free (not overly complex) source control system.

After all this... I'm going to merge the project notes for the Project Manager into the Resource Center. It's a ridiculous amount of notes that will take me an hour to migrate. As a side, I've always want to share a projects worth of notes with the world but I've never had the balls due to not only pure stupidity but the chances of slandering late night comments is pretty high. Perhaps I will put together a highlight film which shows progress over time. That might be fun.

So... after all that, Resource Center V4 official begins.

I've dropped other distracting projects which I'm getting good at doing.

I did however take up TF2 again which is eating some hours and causing my efforts to seem like that much more work.

What else...
I've purchased two books for making games on the iphone. I've been trying to buy a mac so I can learn and compile the damn games but no such luck on ebay. I keep getting outbid by hundreds of dollars. :( I don't want to give up on BYOND if that's your first thought, but after buying my iTouch and seeing fart apps sell well, can you blame me? I also have a cousin-in-law who is making games and he has seen some mild success with some very, how you say, "simple" concepts. Actually, I need to go buy his apps (note to self). So, my thoughts jump to the simplicity of getting someones cash in the iTunes store. Just a trusted click away provided your customers can find you. When BYOND can be hosted inside flash controls, we will essentially get more non-paying customers. If we want paying customers, we are on our own and will need to build up an e-commerce based site around the game. So, we still have lots of work to do. I mean, that's a large part of what the Resource Center is. A "system" to simplify the e-commerce for developers which was, a lot of happy work.

Hrmm... anyway, something to chew on.

What else?

Ah, I've lost 20Lbs since the beginning of the year. Another 10 to go. After-which, I'm going to hit the weights via the p90x system. Gonna be buff man or bust.

Tax return is coming... so that will lift spirits up until I've spent it all. Kinda like a gamblers rush I guess.

What else...
still copying the backups... gah...

My new job has been going pretty well. Can't complain about it all. Lots of work though. Pulling some long hours as we get ready to ship. If your curious, its Medical Management Software. Woohoo!

I might as well keep going...
I've gotten into series, The Wire which is an older one but really good.

The newest season of Spartacus is starting to show up on Netflix and I'm lovin it. I heard the original actor got cancer or something which really sucks (for him and me). I'm wondering how that will impact the show. What an awesome f*ing show it is to. Wow. Great stuff.

Oh... books. They've taken a back seat to iTouch games. :) I've been playing Angry Birds, Neuroshima Hex, Flight Control, Dead Space, Trenches, Reckless Racing, Catapult Madness, and a few more. I've also started downloading a bunch of "how to make iphone game" talks.

Someone suggested reading catch-22 and man... I was reading it on my itouch week after week but the pages kept turning and not once did the damn thing ever make any sense. There were many entertaining parts, but you have to be part mad to keep up with the context switching. I declare myself officially defeated until I pick up the actual book and try again.

... still copying...

Alright, that's about it. My courage is ramping up to the PM integration more and more every day. Stamping the V4 on it actually felt really good.

You are officially up to date.

Look at the Airplay API, it's a C/C++ driven API used to write games for a wide array of mobile devices.