Samurai Legacy 1.5

by Inferno L Flames
Samurai Legacy 1.5
The Revival of one of my longest lasting projects!

Poll: Who remebers Samurai Legacy 1?

I do 35% (23)
I don't 10% (7)
What? 30% (20)
No but I kinda wanna 23% (15)

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Hey every one if you havnt seen it I've been on a game called Samurai Legacy 1.5. It is the remake/Sequal to an old game of mine that I made over four years ago. This one is 100x better just like I said. The game is coming along nicely as well. For all of you who have played the original there is a special feature that you get that is even better than the byond members. Also no CvSE is not dead it is just on hold while I wait on spriters.

For all of you that don't know about Samurai Legacy it was an action platformer I guess an RPG as well where you played the role of one lone Samurai with his Sensei. The game hada very basic system. This game has a huge rehaul on the combat its all made from scratch with some of my best coding in it yet. The game has 4 save slots so you can make a file with one of each of the four characters who all play differently.

So come on down once we get into the open phases.
OH In response to the BaW the game itself is original visually it is not. This is mainly to keep the feel of the game the same thus I've used the same characters from the originally obviously I've updated the icons. OH also this version is just a action adventure game. Juggling is quite fun to do in this game see how high you can get your combo. Challenging bosses and PVP arenas await.
when is this game going back online
Can you please start it again it brought back good memories please bring it back