Zelda Online

by The_Zergling
Zelda Online
One of the original Zelda games on byond Brought Back!
Remember Strai? How about Dlbrooks33? Well, Their source has been revived and is under new management as Zelda Online once more!

Join us today! Submit your ideas in-game to help us make this the best Zelda game on BYOND!

I am currently working on some major updates to the game, and have decided on something:

Since I have plenty of other things on my plate here, I'm releasing a HOSTABLE VERSION!

Thats right! Host your own game!

Theres just ONE snag: Though your games will show up here, there will be a system added allowing me to declare servers as "Supported" (meaning I will gladly log in to help). If you would like your server to be supported, please send me a page requesting me to join it. If i think it fits my guidelines (uptime, friendly, etc), I will declare it supported and gladly suggest it to players and friends!

I still have positions open for staff!
I plan on filling these ASAP. To apply, please either send me a page, or catch me on a public server.

Recent Change Log:
  • Started project again (July 2019)
  • Party System fixed.
  • Casino Removed - System was too buggy and offset economy
  • House system expanded.
  • Completed Temple of Time
  • Adjusted forum integration to work a bit more smooth... again.
  • Opened game up to be hosted by public.
I forgot.
If I may, I would like to be a part of the Creation Team
Nice Game
I want to be a mod
I haven't played Zelda Online that much, but can someone inform me of anything changed before I give my opinion?
this game is the shit
i wish somebody was on though
willing to beta test or b a mod
I can be a beta tester and I can be a mod

I have had experience in both.
Noted. I plan on reviving the server within an hour or so. If you wish to be staff, please feel free to use the in-game Staff Application I am adding in. I will review the applications weekly and contact ALL applicants with their results.

Just keep in mind that in order for staff to be hired, we need players. I will put the project on hold again if the server goes for another week without players.
is there going to be a update? or are you closing the server?
Im actually in the process of moving to a new house, so the servers will be down until im done with the move. Sorry ^^;
whats forum membership because i wanna play slots aand stuff btu i cant be a byond member if thats what that is o and i wanna be a beta tester plz
It's not BYOND membership. Rather, you just need to sign up on the forums for this game: http://banhammerinc.forumotion.com/c3-zelda-online
Let this be a fair warning:

If you want to be staff for BanhammerInc (the group of mine that create(s/d) games such as Dodgeball, and Zelda, then I expect you to have PROPER ENGLISH and at least SOME kind of intelligence. People who constantly say things like "o i r prfct" and "i wan b testr" are instantly denied. People who are sarcastic or completely ignorant are also denied (ie: "Im the best so let me help" or "This game sucks. You should let me help"). I dont need self-loving, egotistical jerks around my games, let alone having power in them.

If you arent serious, respectful, and intelligent, dont bother asking/offering to help with my games.
Mr.Zer, May i sujjest a idea for another Zelda game..
Zelda RPG, Level up Zelda game (really fun acculy!)
I've made a server please enjoy your stay there!
Wow, feels like it has been ages since I was last here. I wasn't able to join the current server, so I got one up temporarily. Anyways, if this game is just as awesome as the last time I played it, I'm really looking forward to playing it again.
hey people im hosting a server now
so if you want to try this game join my server!
Debating picking the project back up... Thoughts?
In response to The_Zergling
Go ahead. I'd play it.
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