Happy post-Valentines Day.  My own holiday didn't go very well.  What's next?  Finding out that the women of unknown age who clicked Like on my Facebook posts did it for the content?!

So much for news decreasing with a smaller time period.  You guys keep posting.  Perhaps I could be a little more selective, but I know the links will slow to a crawl the moment I get used to it...  So get out there and make something!  Bloop-la.

Within BYOND

In preparation for their long-awaited marketing campaign, Silk Games have announced Facebook features and a trailer for their retro MORPG NEStalgia.  The former grants sneak peaks to those users who click the Like button on the game's Facebook page.  This currently includes screenshots and descriptions of the upcoming Black Sanctum expansion.  Check out SilkWizard's promotion ideals as you wait.

Magicbeast20 updated his cooperative zombie shooter Quarantine.  In addition to bug fixes, players can now select from multiple characters and they face where they fire.  I'd like to suggest making the game messages more distinguishable from chat, but I have not played to know how often they show up.

After a bit of a snag loading spells, DivineTraveller is back to work on Mantra.  I missed the work on the RPG last week, but he mentioned adding ink vials, NPC interactions, spell delays, event triggers and element resistances.  He is looking for a diagram to help explain the latter.  Wu Xing comes to mind as another reference.

Makeii posted an update to his action RPG Magus Aora - Edreoll.  The focus appears to have been on legible file formats for easy editing.  That implies a separation of data that sounds promising for extensibility.  The game is incomplete, but I suggest adding a link to the wiki or some form of help file in the menu.

Latoma, Fugsnarf, Axerob, Ninjafro, Zane444, Xaiphin and Mr Waltz have formed TH-Productions to work on Twilight Herald.  Once 5 separate projects, it is now a single MORPG with multiple chapters.  Additional graphics artists who can work from scratch are still welcome in the classified ad.  More details of the project can be found on the team's blog.

Neblim has been posting art for an upcoming RPG.  The only mechanical details are the Final Fantasy and Dragon Warrior/Quest influence, but it looks pretty.  A demo will be tested in private.

Inferno L Flames is bringing back on old project under the name Samurai Legacy 1.5.  I have to admit that I'm not familiar with the original, but it appears to be an RPG with platforming.  While the source of some of the art seems questionable, I'm curious how the game will turn out with four more years of knowledge, improved BYOND capabilities and sidescrolling libraries.

Lost Worlds developer I-Aryn-I has been contemplating a mechanic for her enforced roleplaying game.  With health inspired by Space Station 13 and wounds inspired by Dwarf Fortress, she has been wary of a spiral into player death.

I can sympathize as I often find myself fighting with feedback loops.  Unfortunately, the whole realistic simulation thing has passed me by...  Have you tried farting spiders?

In an effort to promote Terulia Forum Service and Relay Chat, Gakumerasara is holding a contest with a computer (or more) for the winner(s).  The conditions are a mix of BYOND Membership and Terulia usage.  There is no time limit.

I've barely touched my racing combat board game, StarScurrier.  I found a card implementation that differed from its description and had to figure out which was correct.  Apparently I fixed a balance issue and forgot to change the text. Oops.

Meanwhile, I've been reading a lot of procedural generation articles and should have a small library available soon.  It won't do much at first.  (Very little actually.)  However, it should be extensible and independent of any BYOND atoms.

I've been making progress on yet another design for a procedurally generated adventure.  Brief plans for a sidescrolling, anime-inspired shooter version led me to the goal of gathering items to make a wish.  Knowledge that I had neither sidescrolling art nor shmup skills led me to abandon the design, but I hit on the idea of the wish unlocking an aspect in the world generation options. That allows me to tie the collection metagame with the plot.

Fooldom Come: One subscription. Many games.

Beyond BYOND

  • I'm probably late to link to the IGF Student Showcase award winners, but there's no post date to prove how out of touch I am.  Also announced was that Bytejacker's cheetah hybrid, Anthony Carboni, will be hosting the awards show at GDC.
  • If you have not found it on Pixel Prospector yet, browse through The Big List Of Indie Game Sites.  There's a plethora of links available whether you're interested in making games or just playing them.
  • Forming a team?  You might want to read this analysis by Mona Ibrahim first.
  • Just in case digital usage rights aren't enough of an issue on their own, a recent unlicensed 3D printing of Settlers of Catan twisted it into the physical realm.  Public Knowledge's Michael Weinburg asks if it's a problem.
  • Ergonomics are important.  Starcraft commentator Sean "Day[9]" Plott recently made a video describing how to choose a gaming mouse on PC Gamer and described a variety of habits to make/break in one of his daily videos.  (Plus, he got another song.  You should all know this one already.  And check out this behind the scenes look.)
  • I have multiple videos from Extra Credits bookmarked, but the two part Playing Like a Designer series sticks out...  That is to say that it reinforces more of my own habits in a manner that lets me shove them on you.
  • Everything you know is wrong.  Black is white, up is down and short is long.  And everything you thought was just so important doesn't matter.  Unless you're doing a realistic simulation. ;)

Check out Matt Chat for old school videogame reviews and interviews.

Got news?  The answer is obvious.  I need a new way to sign off.

Good Work again ^_^
Another good post. I've come to look forward to these.

Started reading soon after it was posted, and because of all the interesting links, didn't get a chance to comment until almost 50 minutes later.

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Maybe Switch the New Byond Back to the Old Blue Version so all Game come back and not some.
I agree, Deonte1000. In fact, I say BYOND should ONLY feature rips.
I am currently working on a secret project that nobody but me knows far. If you would email me at [email protected] I will fill you in with some infomation (non secret of course) so you MIGHT be able to post it in the next BYOND and Within
Why is it a secret?
These are incredibly well written articles -- best on BYOND, IMHO. Keep up the great work!
Woo Quarantine was mentioned! I plan to release another update within a week or so.
PokeScouts wrote:
I am currently working on a secret project that nobody but me knows far. If you would email me at [email protected] I will fill you in with some infomation (non secret of course) so you MIGHT be able to post it in the next BYOND and Within

Sounds like a lame ploy for attention. :)
All I'm saying is that if it seems interesting he might want to use it in the next BYOND and Within. If he dislikes it it will not be included so it will only be included if it's dicovered to be good and if so it is not lame!
I got to thank you a lot AC. Thanks to these, it seems Project Twilight Herald is recieving a lot of notice, and Fugsnarf (at least!) is becoming a well known name.

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