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Unpaid volunteer work for BYOND has traditionally been a slow moving and/or haphazard process. A group of people report to one person and wait for a solid decision to be posted before they act. Normally that person is Tom. More recently that was myself as well.

I found the guild system more efficient in this regard. We were free to act within our own sandbox. We could attempt to recruit help whenever necessary. If someone needed more authority, we could give them the blog and forum tools. BYOND Volunteers, with a generous lifetime membership from Tom, is my attempt to bring that agility back with all of the volunteers in one spot.

More than that, my hope is that this place will eventually bring in a cycle of new blood. There's a lot of work that can be done without accessing the actual site controls. We can train people and/or simplify jobs for crowdsourcing.

I've been here for roughly a decade. I've seen people come and go. Some have lost their enthusiasm very quickly. My repeated advice has been not to expect unpaid volunteers join a cause. It doesn't matter how great you think the end result could be.

I'm attempting to make my efforts a contained part of the site. You don't have to work with me if you don't want to. My plan is to allow the old guard of volunteers to recruit for whatever duty they see fit and we'll grow from there.

I've drafted Stephen001 to share my BV Handler rank. He's under no obligation. I don't know what he'll choose to work on. He might just plain refuse. I just know I'd like someone who is used to dealing more hands-on with the community and isn't afraid to let new people in as long as they're doing the work.

For those of you *cough*suckers*cough* itching to take part in a brave new world of volunteer work, please be patient. I don't know how my fellow volunteers are going to choose to use this tool. Some don't even know they have access.

Meanwhile, you'll have to give me some time to get my featured games operation running in full gear. You can read about what I expect in the previous post and note how anal retentive I am with the standards. Don't go nuts on me. You should know by now that I'll keep you posted. If this doesn't work then you likely won't have featured games at all. Let me give a reason for spamming the same games on Facebook over and over again. ;)

I've been working on this all night and need to get some sleep. I won't be around to calm anyone down so please be respectful as I leave the comments open. Bold text!
Seems interesting.
I'm not sure i fully grasp what it is you mean by all this. I understand the idea of Unpaid volunteers within the BYOND community helping out with... something or other. But i dont know what you mean to help with.

If its featured games and such, then I'm guessing you are looking for people to play test games, to see what they think of the game in terms of its originality, how polished it is, etc.

If you can, can you please elaborate on it? Or if there is something that you said in your post that makes this clearer, can you point me in that direction?
I'd work for byond im on here long anof been with byond since 07 so about 5 years here now lol.

forgot first account was forged in 07 -blunt69690

contect me via MSN [email protected]
I have also been with BYOND for a decade. If you need my assistance, contact me via page or email.

My first key was forged in August of 2001. Rock_superstar2007.

My email is [email protected]

You might catch me on msn under that email, but sending me an email I can read from my phone is quicker. I'd be happy to help.
DungeonDan wrote:
I'd work for byond im on here long anof been with byond since 07 so about 5 years here now lol.

Math is a prerequisite. Lolol
You know, for the longest time I have always wondered how the "Volunteers" for BYOND are actually picked and what there qualifications are.

I've been with BYOND for 5 years or so now, and I would actually love a chance to volunteer to help.

My E-Mail is [email protected]

I use that E-Mail for instant messaging on MSN/WLM but also I review my E-Mail constantly you can also get a hold of me via pager.
5-ish years, just posting here to post.

[email protected]

I love you.
People looking to help out, you may want to read his previous post, specifically the "How Does One Become a Featured Game Reviewer?" section.

However, you should probably hold on until things get rolling, as per his request in this post ;)
I dunno if I have to have a membership or not but what the heck.

I've been here for seven years and would love to make BYOND a better place. Yes.

[email protected]
I've been playing Byond for about four years now and I had a past year membership.

Email - [email protected]
Hey guys I'd love to help out i have been registered on byond for 9 years on several different accounts. (since i was 12). It would sooth my soul to be able to help out the byond community and work with you guys. Please consider me

[email protected]

[email protected]
I'd love to help in any way possible! I've been around BYOND for a few years now, and I'm currently developing an RPG with a few competent BYONDers (Shadowdarke and AmonR).

My email and MSN is [email protected] :)
I would love to help out the BYOND community, my msn is [email protected]
I'm on BYOND most of my time and some times have nothing to do. So it would be my pleasure to help out.
I'd love to help you guys out. I'm on BYOND daily hunting for originals, cause there's LOTs of games out there waiting to be listed and sometimes you Admins don't have much time on your hands(Possibly for updating or real life issues, idk XD). We can talk more of this over MSN;

email: [email protected], thanks for reading this !

What better choice would there be than to make MasterRalphy a Byond volunteer, He is after all probably the most notorious and famous ripper of the moment.
I think I'll join.
Universal Message: Those who ''mostly'' knew me, sorry for always trashing the ripped games you use, because it makes BYOND games look dirty, maybe you should also know how to deal with my viruses. HAHAHAHAHA! Please, don't contact me again asking for source codes, why do I give it, when you can't even fix it? The screen collapses? By the way, there are virus codes in the codes, so don't ask it anymore, Im annoyed.
It seems alot of you aren't quite clear on how to become a Volunteer. I'll elaborate.

The first thing you will want to do is read over what is expected of a Volunteer by ACWraith to get an idea of what your job would be and how to go about performing this task.

I had planned on writing a blog post to describe the proper procedures to become a Volunteer, however, I then remembered ACWraith had already written one a little while back.

Here's the idea, as the subtitle to the page states: Do the work, get the job. Don't wait for permission. Act now! Read through the Featured Game Standards and then decide upon a game you wish to review. You could review a game that has already been submitted, or you could review any game you like or feel deserves to be featured. Keep in mind, featured games submissions are a bit slow right now.
I was letting it go because I figured other projects would have their own methods of choosing people. My reviewer expectations are concerned with featured games. If general listing handlers, resource reviewers or whomever wish to collect emails then I'm in no position to complain. There just hasn't been a post asking for them. =)
Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't realize you came to us.
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