Cardfight Shrine

by ReikoA
An online version of the Vanguard TCG
Although it was just the alpha version, I have to say that it wasn't that bad. Its a different feeling playing Vanguard when everything is dictated by the continue button. I personally feel that everything shouldn't have to go through the continue button but I'm sure its a matter of getting used to. I appreciate the effort you are making the auto and cont skills automated.

Just a quick bug: Heatnail Salamander is supposed to be grade 1 not grade 2 and Wyvern Guard Barri is Grade 1 and not Grade 0

The AIs were fun and pretty beginner friendly.

Keep up the good work
I cannot go to te battle arena. Why???? It says already in battle arena, and i am not. How do i get out???
Can someone teach me the controls?
@ Goh
It's mostly made up of clicks. I'll admit I took a while to get that you don't drag and drop anything. You take the phases of your turn in sequence, clicking Continue to pass every event and every turn.

NOTE: Please add a feature that lets you move your RGs to front and back...
Hey ReikoA

Great game you got here i would like to know if my vanguard forum could use this as our main game.

I have the same problem.

The game is great.
I found the game easy to use and rather simple and fun to play. The only bugs I found was that I couldn't choose to NOT boost and that boost power stays when standing a unit.
I have the same "You are already in the duel arena" message.
Anybody knows how to fix that?

I was in a game, got an error and it closed, now every time I want to play I got that message.
ok, i couldnt find a way to move units up and down - is that just one of the things not done yet, or am i missing something
I want to retire a unit and call another unit on that Rearguard zone.How?
sonic noa isn't a kagero unit
Its hard to control. I got in once by being a guest, but now, i also cannot go to a table by being a guest
ok, so i figured out how to move units, but i should also say that enigman wave isnt a g3
How to move unit?And how to choose whether not to boost or not.. Anyway I love this game, I mean LOVE IT!! I can`t wait for the finished version :D ~Slayer
how do I card fight agn if I hav one that's un finished
How long before the gold paladins are put in?
go to the bottom for the liberators.
hey am when i try to click single player it keeps saying that you are already in the duel arena does anyone know how to fix this?
No. That is not solved. Thats the problem for me.
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