Cardfight Shrine

by ReikoA
An online version of the Vanguard TCG
When is the narukami clan going to be added
In response to Private_Foxy
Private_Foxy wrote:
hey am when i try to click single player it keeps saying that you are already in the duel arena does anyone know how to fix this?

I have the same problem. My computer cable was accidently unplugged while i was playing.

And another bug, Dark Dictator doesn't get the 2000 boost for each Shadow Paladin rear guard.
enigma wave isn't grade 3
Why am I unable to play?
So whats going on with the game? Has it been taken down?
In response to Sadman123
its been taken down?
why its shutdown WHY.
why the fuck it is shutdown?
when i have Gold paladin Gareth in rc and knight of surpior skill bumen in vg circule i can,t use! crimison lion club skill
please fix this
how do we move cards form feild to drop zone
hey vermillion OF narukami i use his limit break 4 and my oppents grade 2 unit interecepted please fix this
hey i found another bug my flare dragon hitted my oppents vanguard and i wasn,t able to soul charge i also checked the soul stack and no new card

hey when ever i log in click single player it says already in duel arena please fix this its annoying
way cant we play other players?
is it taken down?
Its not been taken down it updateing once a week it updates
compeletly and Bobjpinson reiko A card mentioned once when he was in shrine that player vs player might be avaiable somewhere in march maybe thats what he,s updating
oh right, i forgot. Hopefully the BT 7-10 stuffs will be all up soon
flare dragon doesn't hav a sc
still updating?
I Think it will be up tommorrow or thursday
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