Cardfight Shrine

by ReikoA
An online version of the Vanguard TCG
Bt 10 is already out i think he is working on the sever lagg or fixing cards or player vs player
I hope it comes back up soon I'd like to have a good place to cardfight
wats taking so long its been a week
hey when is the game going to be working
he must be working on player vs player or he got sued by bushi road
hey does anyone know where i can play a card fight game because this one seems to be taken down
Hey reiko can you tell whats taking so long if you got in trouble leave a messange to tell if this game been taken down or not
download evolvehq join the crayonline group then join the cray online game ^__^ im on everyday so far about 120 ppl play the game and more are still coming if u need help with or questions hit me up on skype darkmao14 ^__^ always able to help
cray online bites a dog's armpit
evolve dosent have a vangaurd game on it @$$ hole
do you have a link to Evolve need to know
dude seriously admit u just gave up on this game im pissed u either upgrade this thing or shut it down
cfc is here but no more set updates set 9 is as fare as it goes but it still works.
have to login to the site to use the byond link
hmm so cfv's back on BYOND
do you have the permission of bushi,please answer so if you don't I wudnot start to play coz I dun want the same thing that happened to cfc happen again
when will the next update be
I think there should be a chat box in cardfight table
erm Is there possible to update all the vanguard cards ?
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