Cardfight Shrine

by ReikoA
An online version of the Vanguard TCG
Hi wanted to say that the game looks great congratulations, but will end when this new update?
Why can't I access the game?I click on play but nothing happens
One question, when do bring into the list of letters to'' The Blood'' Platina Ezel, Garmore Liberator and the Revengers?, Please response hope.
i will send this guy 30 dollars if he puts every single card on here and keeps up with tradecards online seeing they just banned me over bullshit and nonsince of somthing i didnt do
Whenever i start the game it says that the dreamseeker isnt working.....I use windows 8 could you please solve this problem of mine
When is the celestials will be uploaded?
so whats going on with this thing its been offline for awhile now did they take it off if so that really sux
come on man open this server again
opem server
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