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I've been told that I should begin readjusting the featured games list based on what has been reviewed. I recently removed a bunch of games simply because I have not got to them yet.

I hope I or someone else will get to some of those games relatively soon. Don't panic. Place a post in the Submissions forum if you're concerned about a particular entry.

I'm trying to get a backlog out of the way before I start having to watch over a lot of people. However, if I find that the reviews are taking too long then I'll just start hiring from the rest of the community to help me out.
I got an idea.
Tell me what the job details and Im on board already
You're doing good work. We need more people that care.
I'm still trying to figure out how many of the old guard volunteers are helping me review. While you wait, feel free to check the standards keyword on the left of the blog for what I expect. (I might make a custom box with the links later, but I'm trying to let this place be more general purpose.)
Is it just me or does it seem like no one is actually making submissions? Not to down this system, but most people are already featured or listed so they probably wont take the extra step unless there status is removed and they need to.
Or maybe I am not understanding this correctly. Are the volunteers supposed to submit games? Or do the owners of the games submit games? I read over your other post but I am still a little confused about how this works. This is how I think it works, and please, correct me if I am wrong.

Volunteers find games that they want to test

The tester logs onto the game and test it based on the standards listed in another post.

Once the game is tested the Volunteer makes a post on the submission forum with the assessment of the game whether it should be featured or not (I am confused as to whether it is just games that should be featured, or a mixture of listed, featured, and hidden/ripped). And they will also post a message to the owner in the Feedback tab about why or why not it should or should not be featured and what needs to be fixed or changed in order to reach that status?

Then the actual Volunteers who have moderation powers through BYOND will go to those games that were reviewed and will change there status accordingly?

Rinse and repeat?

Or is there something I am missing here?
@Moussiffer: Thank you. I agree that I worded the submission process in a confusing manner and have updated the post. =)

Anyone can make a submission. Volunteers are just the ones whose reviews will be referenced. You pretty much got the rest.

One small reason for the lack of submissions is that I frelled up and forgot to update the standards with the proper forum link.

Another reason is that I posted a long list of items to follow. Those developers who will take the time to read them may also need to time to check their work.

However, a major reason that I've been battling is that people just don't acknowledge being featured as a trustworthy or enticing process. I'm trying to make the rules public so reviewers can be judged themselves. Meanwhile, I've been trying to highlight games in the listings and Facebook posts (and, hopefully, next to my columns again) in an attempt to offer something worthwhile.
Would it also help if we make posts in the feedback for the certain game? I have done so on one DBZ rip and Teka seemed to agree. He dubbed it a rip and it was moved to the junk pile.

@Yusuke13: While there's a small possibility that some volunteer will note other work and recommend you, I likely won't be there to notice.

As mentioned in an earlier post, your best bet is probably to submit games that meet the standards. Some volunteers are going to have to perform reviews. If their work is found redundant, it's going to make more sense to just bring you on board. =)
I would love to volunteer, however I am leaving for training next week then deploying for a year. I won't be around much longer to help. I just wanted to lend a hand while I can;)
What are the requirements to be a byond volunteer I have been on byond for a while now using the keys Firelord6 and Mudball17. I would love to keep this community safe this is my favorite place on the internet. Byond is the best site I've been on. My msn is [email protected]
@Aceraptor: It depends on the project. None of the old guard have asked for rank management abilities so it seems only featured games is hiring at the moment. I linked to those requirements two posts below.
I believe that I would be able to perform review games. I play many byond games that people don't submit so finding games will not be a problem. Plus im on byond a lot so I would be able to check out games very frequently.