by The Magic Man
A stratergy RPG Battle system.
Love it
This looks like a hybrid of Pokemon and Fire Emblem. Cool.
Pokemon, yes
Fire Emblem, no
- The hub and interface icon should be changed to look like the interface itself does. You could probably just use that battle screen-shot.
- Interactions should be changed to Click instead of DblClick
- There should (at least) be some sort of alert before buying/selling something. Though, I think it would be best to have some sort of "Cart" section, where all items are stored until you confirm the transaction.
- When you open a window, it should be positioned with the top left of the main window. At least the first time, otherwise it opens way off at some random spot at the top of the screen.
- An intuitive tutorial would be nice. The help files are rather long and wordy.
- Most of the interface sections are unlabeled, so I have no idea what half of them are for.
- The attack shop doesn't display your points anywhere. And if you buy anything in the attack shop, the points label in the weapon shop doesn't automatically update.
- Why can't I maximize any of these windows? Most of them not only look like they would easily scale up, but would actually benefit from it.
- Some of the text wraps awkwardly, and it gets cut off in a lot of places.
- This game (like all games!) needs AIs that you can practice against.
- The process of challenging another player is somewhat flunky. You get no notification that a challenge was sent, and all they get is a lame alert.
- Music and Sound effects...
- Some sort of overall player level, points, or weapon profiles that you can check before battling somebody. The information from the hub scoreboard could be used here.
- The message about who won the last battle doesn't clear when you start a new battle.
- There is a bug or something where you can be in multiple battles at the same time, happened after I sent over 9,000 challenges at once =P
- Trying to follow the combat text is ridiculously difficult. Its just plain text, with no real separation, and it disappears almost as soon as it pops up.
- There should be some sort of icon over the battlers, or some other notification to show your opponent is still selecting an action.
- I would swap the positions of the Weapons and Shop buttons on the main window.
- I would also add a points display somewhere on the main window.
- It should tell you how many points you earned after a battle.
- And also tell how much damage you do inside a battle?
- Preferably, the damage numbers would be on-screen, and not in the output. That output box on the battle screen could probably be removed completely, with a few more graphical effects.
- You should be able to search for more than just elements. Swords, axes, other weapon types, etc. Even if they don't make any actual different (I dunno if they do) I would rather have a sword than a hammer. Also, the All sort button should probably be at the top, not the end.
- Should be able to sort weapons, at least in the shop, at least by price.
- Hmmmmm Guess that's all for now =P
Double clicking is used instead of single clicking because it prevents any accidental misclicks.

Alerts when buying/selling will be added when I next reboot.

Positioning windows will be done when I reboot too.

A tutorial could be done, but would take a bit of time.
Though if you ask me, most of the game is common sense.

Labels to certain window sections will be added once I reboot.

The attack shop will now show your points.

Windows cannot be maximized because they use background images. And there is no decent way of handing background scaling.
Without some significant changes this would be difficult to do and make things not look ugly.
Also, when you enable window resizing, this ugly gray border appears around the window.

I can fix most of the text wrapping easily, as for text getting cut off, it's awkward to fix since BYOND handles that it's self and you cannot turn it off or change it to wrap instead.

AIs could possibly be added, but they would not be very good, since the game has tons of variety and possible strategy and situation.

I can add notification of when someone is challenged.

Music and sound are not currently added because I can't make them.
I can probably find freeware sound effects to use, though most of these sound horrible.
But for music, I don't see much point in it since this isn't the kind of game that needs any sort of atmosphere.

I could add a window when you right click players, giving you info on what weapons they use, and their overall win/loss rate and so on.

I don't know why that message isn't clearing. It should be, but it isn't.

I'll look into that bug. But it shouldn't be possible to do this. There are checks in place that don't allow you to enter a battle if you or the person you are challenging are already in battle.
I suspect it has something to do with network lag, which always causes BYOND to act funny.

I can make combat text easier to read and follow. It looked fine in single player, but again network delay can make it look kind of inconsistent in it's speed.

I could possibly add something that indicates if a player is still selecting an action.

I don't see much point in swapping the button positions, but could look into it.

Adding a points display to the main window doesn't have much real use. Points are currency, you don't really need to know how much points you have unless you want to buy something.
I can look into it though.

Points you earn are 100 for a win, 50 for a loss. I can put in a message that indicates this.

Damage is purposely hidden from the players. Just like a lot of the more technical and mathematical aspects of the game are.
I don't particularly want players min/maxing every little detail about the game to give them a slightly better chance of winning.

I could probably add more buttons for sorting weapons in the shop.
Though currently there is no difference between a sword and an axe, so adding this would take a little bit of time. There is also a lot of weapons (I'd say at least half) with no real category, or too unique to be classified as anything. (Sure there is swords, spears and axes... But what is a light bulb, or iceberg categorized as?)
Damned good.

Very few problems, and I've only found two large bugs, the one I informed Magic of he got on right away.

Great variety, a nice, original twist on things. Original icons are always nice.

The only things I'd suggest are possibly;
1. Make it so you can spend points on different icons for your character, maybe even add passive effects to the icons as well. Like Necromancer Robes have Dark +10% damage or something of the like.
2. Make the icon appear next to their name in chat, downsized of course. Just to add some flavor and difference to the game, and it would give it more playability, so people have something to work towards even after evolving their weapons.
3. Possibly ranks to earn, and hell, could even do the whole Gym Badges and Elite Four type deal that Pokemon has going on. Just elaborate on it and make it unique.
I Agree with the guy below :0
Spook The Reiko wrote:
3. Possibly ranks to earn, and hell, could even do the whole Gym Badges and Elite Four type deal that Pokemon has going on. Just elaborate on it and make it unique.
That would never work, due to the "no levels" thing. Although, you could add medals.
I love this game, but not having my old save is.. Well.. Bad >_>
Not quite sure why, but this is the only one of your games I am unable to host anymore.

Everything will process fine but when I attempt to join the world I'm hosting it will show as a player logging in and then revert to 0 players logged in a second later. No window popups, nothing.