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I just spent 5 hours writing most of this week's BYOND and Within just to lose it. I inserted a link and everything disappeared. Then I hit the back button by mistake and when I hit forward again I could not undo anything. Naturally, this was one time where I wasn't pasting segments into a text file for safety. =(

I'm going to try to have something ready, but I'll most likely have to cut a lot out if I do.
Oh noes! I actually do enjoy reading that thing occasionally though.
._. that sux.

I always look forward to them!
I think we all know what the main topic will be anyway. :P
@Aaiko: Like my hodgepodge of links ever has a main topic? ;)
what are you guys talking about what was he waiting on?????
That really sucks! I really enjoy the column. :)
I hope my project makes the cut. ;)
I've done that so many times. I think the next-generation OS should have a built-in undo for every i/o action. Best of luck.
You can use a local git repo to store your changes as you work on the article. You won't lose anything, and you can easily track your changes!
I've done this before. It's really annoying.
I don't think I've ever had that problem with chrome, just for safety, I entered text into this, hit back, then forward, and it's still here =D
But retrospectively, it still was fine, and hard to notice many differences without having read this.