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??Girl??: Hey, you from the Tokyo team?
??Guy??: ?
??Girl??: You're from Tokyo, Ain'tcha?
??Guy??: Yeah.
??Girl??: Hmmmmm.
??Girl??: I'm, Yamasaki Anzu. Who are you?
??Guy??: Oh, uh... Katou...Masaru

ANZU: How old're ya? I'm 23.
KATOU: 18 i think... maybe, 17...?
ANZU: Another high schooler? Man, i always end up meetin' younger dudes...
KATOU: ......
ANZU: So i been watchin' ya for a while, and thinkin'. "Whats he doin?"
KATOU: ? Huh?
ANZU: And then i thought, "Nah, theres no way". It kinda looked like... you were tryin' to save that family.
KATOU: Yeah, i was...............
KATOU: I mean it... i couldn't let them-
ANZU: NO WAY! Seriously? Like, for real? You're kidding me. REALLLY? That's nuts! HAHAHAHA!! Don'tcha care about game points? And gettin' a stronger weapon? Actually, ya seem kinda scared, maybe ya just wanna escape and be done with it?
KATOU: ....... ...I do want to get points...
ANZU: I figured, since you're all the way out here in our team area. Ya must wanna get out really bad.
KATOU: There's someone... i want to revive...
ANZU: Yeah? That's weird, never heard anyone say that... I GOT IT! A chick right? Yer girl-friend?
Big boobs? Cute?
KATOU: No, it's a guy... My best friend.
ANZU: Ha... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. What a retard! You crazy?!

You're a hypocrite alien!

Katou walks a way...

ANZU: Hey, don't get mad!
KATOU: I'm going to save whatever bystanders i can.

EH that was a piece of chapter 249 of my favorite anime/manga series, Gantz.

I just wanted to post it because it's literally my favorite part out of the entire series lol.
If you ain't heard of this anime or whatever you should check it out, i personally think it's the best out there lol.

Hope you enjoyed that as much as i did lol.

There is a personal reason why i liked that but that's my secret!

But hey check out Gantz it's old but it's still an ongoing anime and it's bad ass.

Hypocrite alien....LOL
#28 Proxon:
Saaaaaaaaaaaaay whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat??????????

what color drawers you got on
That manga is great, but extreme mindfuck to!
I like literally everything in that manga.

@Enic: Mindfucking is what the world needs though lol
"But hey check out Gantz it's old but it's still an ongoing anime and it's bad ass."

The anime isn't ongoing is it..? I think you mean ongoing manga?
lol yeah i mean manga. But that doesn't mean the anime isn't on going. It can be an easy choice to continue it.

But the manga is still going but i will try and find out if the anime will have a season 3.

There are movies of gantz that just came out this month and the 2nd movie is going to release next month as well.

I have the first one on my pc download.
Do you mean the live action movies or anime movies?
Live action.
Oh, didn't know some of them were out..
Yeah, but they just came out. You can view or download the first movie at:

Theres two parts of the movie because it's over 2 hours long :D

The second movie isn't out yet, and i think if i remember correctly it will be the last one of the two.

And it seems that the anime will no go on to a season 3 unless it is decided to remake the entire anime again because they fucked it all up on the second season with a piece of the story that was not part of the manga.

But if they redo the anime according to the anime they just may continue making more seasons for the anime. Thats something i would pay a lot of cash for lol
What did they fuck up in the story of the anime in the 2nd season? Because I started off reading from chapter 92(Where the anime ended)

But also.. I have a feeling if they'd redo/new season of the anime would be heavily censored.
Where it is that they fucked up is at the episode 23 or 4. There is a part of the story that was made up in the second season of the anime that isn't a part of what the original creater of the Gantz wrote in the original story (Manga).

If you look at the second season and the manga you would see that the manga does not include the made up story that is in the anime. And thats where everything is fucked. Because of those idiots making their own cut in the story we will not have the continued storyline that is in the manga.

Really they should just remake the anime since the entire Gantz manga is so rich.

I doubt they would censor anything. The creator of Gantz really loves big boobs like and all the realism of life that he includes in the manga.

They gladly showed us the part of Kurono fucking those two girls LOL i am sure they wont have a prob showing us more.
Well, that was before but all new animes seems to be heavily censored... And by the way, I've been searching but I can't find the movie in japanese, do you have any idea where I can watch it in japanese with english subs?
Sorry, but i doubt many people have put the japanese version of it with english subs around yet. You may have to wait a good while for that.
Sucks :/